Tom O’Mahony, a Dublin based (The ex-MMA fighter) comedian, better known for his role as “Tarquin” in the hit RTE comedy series “Damo & Ivor” brings his latest one-man stand-up show Bring On The Apocalypse to The International Bar Friday 9th May, show starts 7pm.

My favourite bar/pub?

That’s a tricky one, I gig in some good ones. But I’d have to say the Ha’penny Inn to roar at the tv with the owner during Tipp matches.

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Favourite place for brunch?  

Or as I like to call Leakfast. It’s a little place (that shares it’s premises with a work-safety gear shop) on the Longmile Rd called The Farmhouse Cafe. They make their own sausages.

Dublin’s best music venue?

Some mighty singing at Mass on Sundays but also I’d have to say Whelans.

The place I enjoy grocery shopping the most is?  

I can tell you there’s a sound butcher on Camden St called Chris Ryan that’ll do a man right if he’s looking to buy 10kg of chicken wings.

My favourite book based in or about Dublin?

That’s easy, Ross O’Carroll Kelly. As, (believe it or not) I was the culchie version of him growing up. And who I based Tarquin (Damo & Ivor) on.

The one thing I would change about the city?

She’d be a lovely city if you could only roof it. In all honesty ripping out some of the hideous 60’s office buildings and replacing them with green areas would be nice.

Favourite historical building?

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is stunning (and my mate, fellow comedian Colin Chadwick works there as the curator [he still owes me a guided tour now that I think of it])

The Spire, yay or nay? 

Nay, it’s a lazy lazy design. “Okay lads what have we come up with for our nation’s capital’s main street? Oh, cool A CONE!!!!!”. (unless of course it’s actually the nose cone of an underground missile then that’d be cool).

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Poolbeg chimneys, should they stay or go?  

Definitely go, and I want to be the one to plunge the detonator handle. Although the Barber-Pole Association of Ireland are going to be furious.

Your favourite living Dublin personality and why?

Enya. Anyone who can make a fortune from singing songs with made-up words has to be admired.

Dublin’s hidden gem?

An amazing shop called Valour and Oakes on the Lyons Demesne in Newcastle Co. Dublin. You can’t get the stuff they have anywhere else.

Favourite dead Dubliner?

Ronnie Drew, (and not because I took that question very literally). He was a as cool as hell with a mega voice.

Dublin should aspire to be more like (another city)…

I could annoy everyone by saying Cork. So I will……

Least favourite Dubliner (dead or alive)?  

Brian O’Driscoll. I’m messing of course. I do still have the hump with a grumpy old Dublin bloke I lived beside in Inchicore who called me a dirty bogger. Granted I was driving a tractor and was covered in muck at the time.

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The first place I would bring someone who hadn’t been to Dublin before?

Dalkey. Herself is from there and to be fair the place is stunning.
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