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Good oneBy Manon Gustave

It is not difficult to explain the new popularity of Japanese food, the most fashionable of which is sushi. This specialty consists of rice, seaweed and raw fish (mostly) and has conquered the world in a short time. Much like the rest of the world Dublin has not escaped the invasion and the Irish people can’t get enough. With an explosion of Japanese Cuisine it can be difficult to determine sushi of the highest quality. To help you in the right direction here is our top 5 places to eat sushi in the capital.


Yamamori Izakaya, South Great Georges Street


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The Yamamori Izakaya is a reference point in town for Asian food lovers. The originality of this restaurant lies in the ‘tapas concept’, called “Japas”. You can order different dishes and eat it in the Spanish way. However, the Yamamori Izakaya made its reputation with its beautiful and tasty sushi. Nigiri, Norimaki, Sashimi… All the classics are in the menu. Visually, it is harmonious, colourful and the size is perfect. Looking at the colours and the texture, the freshness of the ingredients is obvious. The Yamamori Izakaya is a perfect environment to eat good sushi in a warm and friendly atmosphere for couples or in a group.

12/13 South Great Georges Street, City Centre South, Dublin




Musashi Noodles and Sushi, IFSC

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sushi on the plate; Shutterstock ID 121251250; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone


Like so many Asian restaurants in the city, the Menu of the Musashi offers Noodles and sushi. So why is it in our top? Simply because it reunites most of the elements essential to spend a good moment in a sushi restaurant. First, the ambiance is typically Japanese, as though you have entered a Kurosawa Movie. Sushi is expensive everywhere you go, for that reason Musashi concentrates on its best offers to provide a very fast and good service. Finally, the most important, the food is well-prepared and the attention to detail in presentation is noticeable. For a quick lunch or a big dinner with your colleagues, the Musashi Noodles and Sushi is a good choice, especially if it is the first place you try Japanese dishes.

Unit 2 Burton Hall, Custom House Square, Mayor St, IFSC






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Zakura, Wexford Street

Recently opened in 2013, this interesting restaurant already enjoys a good reputation. Similarly to Musashi, a particular attention has been made to the decoration which is quintessentially Japanese. The style is very closely reproduced, maybe so much so that customers feel they are in artificially in Japan. In the kitchen, employees work hard to create these tiny jewels of fish. Zakura’s sushi doesn’t meet the standards set by the former restaurants but they deserve a place in the towns Top 5.

13 Wexford Street, Dublin 2





Banyi,Temple Bar


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The Banyi is located is in the heart of Temple bar. Described by Hotpress Best of Dublin as; one of the Best World Food Restaurants in Dublin, this restaurant offers great quality dining as standard and even delivers! Alone in your office with a strong desire of sushi? The Banyi come to you in a record time. In addition, portions are generous and the taste is surprisingly good at the same time. Definitively a place that stands out amongst the masses. Open Monday to Sunday until 11pm.

3-4 Bedford Row, Temple Bar, Dublin 2



Chai Yo Teppanyaki, Lower Baggot street

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One of the best restaurant in town if you want to eat in group. Warm ambiance, friendly staff, tasty food and large choice of sushi, maki and others. Basically, everything you are looking for to enjoy a good lunch or dinner. If you prefer to lay on your couch and watch a movie, the Chai Yo Teppanyaki now offer a delivery service. The Sushi of the Chai Yo Teppanyaki are a pleasure for your eyes that is echoed in the flavours. It would be a shame if you didn’t try it at least once.

For that reason you must visit; 100 Lower Baggot street, Dublin 2. Open every day.


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