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From Tuesday 17th September to Saturday 4th October, Georges Dock in the IFSC Docklands was the place to be for everyone who likes German beer and food – and for anyone who just wanted to have a good time. Starting at 12 p.m. every day Bratwurst, Leberkäs, Pretzels and Schmalzkuchen were served as well as German Erdinger “Fischer’s Hell” and “Weizenbier” (wheatbeer). However, Dublin’s Oktoberfest had much more to offer than food and drinks: DJs who provided traditional German music,  Jodel and ‘Fliegerlied’-dance contests and the house band Mostlandstürmer.

The celebration of German Oktoberfest in Dublin is over but you still can’t get enough of German food? Here is where you can get it all year in Dublin!

1. Berlin D2

Berlin D2 is the place to go to get a German feeling – without even leaving Dublin’s city centre! In addition to coffee, the small cafe located at the back of the Powerscourt Town House offers German beer, Bratwurst in different variations and house wines. At Berlin D2 you can also find Sunday markets, morning yoga classes, ping-pong competitions as well as a DJ booth that provides the guests with electronic music.

Berlin D2 is open from 8:30 to 1 every day. Entry is free.

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2. Worscht – a world of gourmet sausages

“​​There is no love more sincere … than the love of a good sausage.” At least that’s what Worscht states on its website. The sausage company has 15 different variations of sausages on their menu, including a Gluten Free Pork and a Beef sausage, as well as two unique vegetarian options. All sausages are served with potato-curls. Whoever is in the mood for a sweet dessert can order a fresh yogurt smoothie. Big plus: everything is hand-made and only contains natural ingredients.

Worscht Restaurant

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3. Franks German Sausages

Another option for German sausages in Dublin is “Franks German Sausages”.  The company sells its German specialities every Sunday at Howth Harbour Market and other farmers markets in and around Dublin. Even better: they do barbecue services! In case that you’re planning a German barbecue party, Franks German Sausages surely will bring you the original German taste!

Frank's German Sausages

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