Cian Kinsella is one half of the comedy acrobatic duo Lords of Strut. Their new show ‘Contain-A-Rave’ made its debut at the Tiger Dublin Fringe from 11 to 13 September and was a huge success. They started as street performers in Europe, Australia and Canada. An experience that led them to win the Street Perfomance World Championship in 2013. 

My first food memory?

I used to eat everything my mother ate (she ate well) until I went to school and learned to be a fussy eater from other kids. The treat I used to love as a young kid was Rivita, butter, peanut butter and cottage cheese!

Best local area for restaurants?

I don’t eat out locally much, when I’m lucky enough to be home that’s where I eat.

Most recent enjoyable dining experience?


Streets of Edinburgh./ All rights reserved

A new restaurant in Edinburgh at Checkpoint. It’s really hard to eat well on tour and when I find somewhere good I go back, (charred baby gem, shaved fennel and parmesan! YES). 

Favourite celebrity Chef?

Darina Allen, we had all her cook books when I was growing up and still lots of those recipes are used in my family home. And lots of nice simple things like putting Borage flowers in ice cube trays. I grow borage in my garden in Cork for this reason!

Favourite Food TV programme?

Don’t have a T.V, I catch bits of cookery programs in hotels but that’s about it.

The restaurant I would recommend to a visitor to your home city/town?


The Cafe Paradiso is located in the city of Cork./All rights reserved

For vegetarians I would send them to Cafe Paradiso, really excellent fine dining restaurant. I have two of Dennis Cotters cook books. For lunch on the go I’d send them to Rocket Man, for sit down lunch the Opera house restaurant has an interesting and really fresh menu that is probably the best value food in town.

Restaurant/café hidden gem?

My favourite all-rounder in Cork is Gulped. I’m often there cause there are shows on and then I might stay because they have nice beers, live DJ’s and music. It is the most consistent alternative music venue with really good food during the day. It’s one of the few places you could go in the morning and stay till night.

Favourite Bar/Pub?

It used to by SIX on Bridge Street. It was good for food, having a quiet drink and dancing. I like a bar that has the possibility of dancing and there are not enough of those.

Favourite for weekend brunch?


Gautham Karthik is the Chef-Patron of the Iyer’s where he mixes Irish to Indian flavors./All rights reserved

I’m glad I got the chance to mention it. IYER’S (Cork). I would go there anytime but it seems to be weekend lunch that I end up there. Really authentic Indian food with one of my favourites, the Masala Dosa. The food there is really prepared with time and care and it is delicate and delicious. 

Favourite healthy meal?

Greens from my garden, no matter what time of year there is always something green to eat from the garden. Right now from the garden I would have a big pile of runner beans with some olive oil, chili and garlic and maybe some leaves and I’ll eat loads just like that.

My guilty pleasure?

Chocolate, custard, particularly those Portuguese custard tarts or the French slow baked custard called Canelé. I have quite a sweet tooth but I don’t stop eating easily. I have to drag myself away from food when it’s good. I don’t waste my time on crap food. Why would I only have a certain amount of meals in my life they should be good ones.

The meal I make to impress my friends?

I make it up each time. I tend to have more go-to ingredients than recipes. I always try to have chickpeas, and tinned fish, mix those with any fresh vegetables and you have a fast meal. That’s often what impresses because before they have sat down there is a tasty meal in front of them.

Favourite food brand?

CMK 29042013 REPRO FREE NO FEE Yum on the Farm: Alan and Valerie Kingston of Glenilen Farm in Drimoleague, West Cork pictured at the launch of the new range of kids yoghurts. Glenilen Farm, the successful family-owned and run dairy business in West Cork is investing €300k in the production and distribution of a new range of Irish yoghurt products for children and babies, which are available in supermarkets throughout Ireland from today. The new product ranges see Glenilen Farm continue its focus on simple, natural food by creating great tasting products using just three ingredients, something which it expects will put smiles on the faces of kids and parents across Ireland and continue the growth of the Glenilen Farm turnover value now at close to €4 million. Picture: Clare Keogh News and business releases with further information gone to news desks and business desks. Further info Liz Flynn, Flynn Communications (01) 872 7430 / (087) 6815448

Glenilen Farm is famous for its Cheesecakes, yoghurts, butter and other dairy products./Picture: Clare Keogh

I almost always buy De Ceco pasta. When I can I buy Glenilen dairy and Cork Coffee roasters coffee.

If I owned a restaurant I would name it?

Maybe my family name, or something silly like “Spinning Plates”, a circus reference. Or something weird like “Burnt Fingers”.

Learn more about Lords of Strut, and their upcoming tour dates, here.

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