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The world of Craft Brewing has become the forefront of global beer consumption and is muscling out the standard brands that have become ubiquitous on tap across Ireland and the world. It is a movement that brought with it greater variation, experimentation and flavour to the humble thirsty patron. Now craft brewers can emerge in a competitive market so to gain recognition among the progressive scene gives even greater emphasis to success.

The Porterhouse Brewing Company are one of the long established names of Irish Craft Brewing and as such have created many special brews. Most recently their beers have reaped recognition at the Blas na hÉireann Irish Food Awards as part of the Dingle Food Festival 2015. The Plain Porter is a multi-award winning beer that has previously taken top prize at the Brewing Industry International Awards in both 1998 and 2011.

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Despite this pedigree of success the Plain Porter claimed Silver in the Beers and Stouts category while the Porterhouse Brewing Company’s Hersbrucker Pilsner took Gold in the Beer and Lager category. Hersbrucker Pilsner is a craft brewing gem among an impressive line-up at the Porterhouse. The light complexity of this beer makes it a steady session beer for the weekend while the smooth hersbrucker hops balances a rounded sweet finish.

The Porterhouse Brewing Company opened Ireland’s first brewpub in Dublin in 1996 and spearheaded the now thriving craft brewing movement in Ireland. The company now operate five Porterhouse Bars in the Republic of Ireland alone and Ireland’s premiere nightclub, Lillie’s Bordello.

The established Porterhouse Brewing Co. has become a mainstay of Dublin’s frantic pub scene and the credit for the success is the sourcing of ingredients. Using quality Irish malted barley and the hands-on approach of the brewing team means there are no additives or chemical enhancements required. The Porterhouse Brewing Co. love the idea of drinking local and fresh, unpasteurised beers brewed by men, not machines.

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