Good one

By Manon Gustave

Donnybrook is arguably one of Dublin’s most sought after areas for property in Ireland and epicenter of all things ‘D4’.  Turn off the busy main road one can experience enchanting villas, arousing a feeling of peacefulness. In the middle of these houses, there’s a small alley where animals seems to graze in the grass (on closer inspection they turn out to be of the fake variety). Forno is a ‘Modern Italian Café’  where the colour of the dishes are as vibrant as each bite. In addition to their fantastic menu, the restaurant has a small grocery with fresh Italian products. Forno is a must try for any lover of Italian food, highly recommended.








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Forno Restaurant

Unit 4, 3 The Crescent, Dublin 4,(01) 516 6169
Pictures by Manon Gustave
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