Good oneBy Lynn Kuehner

Yesterday at 7.30 “Aungier Danger” opened its doors in Dublin’s Aungier Street. The shelves were filled with the most delicious and extraordinary named Donuts (for example Banoffe Autopsy, Dublin Deathtrap and Cherry Gunshot). The owners were waiting for the first people to come through the doors to taste the sweet delights they created. Within two hours, “Aungier Danger” was stormed by Donut-loving Dubliners who emptied the whole store!

All the owners could do was to post on Facebook that they were sold out and promise to be back on Tuesday with new Donuts…

donuts empty

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Aungier Danger: “We are completely SOLD OUT for today!! Back again tomorrow at 7:30am. Thanks to everyone who came to say hi!

They were back today with new stock. And they were temporarily sold out AGAIN! Luckily they have already built up a huge fan-society on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So if you didn’t get the chance to taste one of their sought-after donuts today, you can at least look at them and enhance your anticipation for tomorrow!



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The rooms in which Aungier Danger is located seem to be ideal for donuts as they previously belonged to the Rolling Donut for three years. As soon as the situation relaxes a little, they will also be serving other snacks such as sandwiches and coffee, Monday to Friday from 7:30 in the morning.

Looks as if this place is going to be a new foodie-hotspot in Dublin!

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