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Good one By James Albert

This weekend is going to be all about Whiskey as the annual highlight of Whiskey Live finally arrives. There will be plenty of nosing and even more flavour but we wanted to warm you up with an appetizer for the eyes. So without further ado here are our favourite “Whiskey” Instagrams of the week. For all those included and for everyone contributing their own creations we at Menupages salute you.

At the heart of the @teeling_whiskey distillery

A photo posted by Joanne (@joanne.cronin) on

We love the behind the scenes access at Teelings Distillery and Joanne has captured the meticulous mystery of the Irish pot still!

If there was ever an image for a Whiskey lover’s anxiety this is it. Trapped in a a labyrinth of barrels simply waiting for the precise moment of maturity. A cruel way to wet the appetite.

Okay, so maybe it’s not all Whiskey. Lucy has peaked our interest with this seasonal vegan pumpkin pie. A worthy addition to any Halloween buffet.

Token distillery cat #ireland #Irishwhiskey #lockes #1757 #kilbeggan

A photo posted by Amanda Humphrey (@whiskeyhumphrette) on

The story of Kilbeggan Distillery is one echoed throughout Irish Pot Still Whiskey’s history. Now Irish Whiskey has seen a rise reminiscent of the days of the Celtic Tiger. Hopefully this “Celtic Cat” is a sign of further good times ahead!

Nate and the guys at #whiskeywithaview across the pond have presented an irresistible autumnal dram. Not that we needed tempting! We will see you at Whiskey Live!


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