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From October 20 to 22 the Meeting of the Minds Convention took place in Richmond where are presented most of the innovation born from the creativity of brilliant spirits. During these two days, a Brewery company decided to conduct a blind test in order to present its beer made of recycled waste-water.


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Bank Holiday is gone. It is time to pop on your slippers, wear something comfy and take an aspirin to get rid of that slight hangover. You had a large range of beers during this long break but now, you are looking (or soon will be) for something new and enjoy a more refined experience? Well, be patient and probably soon you will have access to the first beer made from recycled wastewater. In fact, this surprising product has been at the origin of numerous questions during the Meeting of the Minds convention of Richmond, California this weekend. Made with water supplied by NASA, a panel of professionals  had to try different beverages and discover the particular beer simply by its taste. This test was a success and seduced many a devotee. Jennifer Biesty, beer judge and chef and owner of a restaurant in Oakland is part of them: “I thought it tasted great. It was delicious,” she said (extract from the San Francisco Chronicle).


The goal of this blind tasting proposed by Maverick’s Brewing Co. was simply to promote and catch the attention of influential personalities on the importance of using recycled water. Does the future belong to beverages made with ‘old water’? Maybe it is too early to answer that question. However, looking at the significant drop of our natural resources which is more important every year, it might be time to think about alternative solutions to keep up our old traditions.

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