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Yesterday morning, when most of you were comfortably curled up on the couch, drinking a coffee, waiting for the sizzling rashers and the sausages cooking slowly in the oven, you were thinking that nothing or nobody could destroy this moment of perfect happiness. Then, the news broke: Processed meat may apparently cause cancer. Firstly, you wished you hadn’t checked that notification  from the Irish Times on your phone, especially during breakfast. Secondly, you ask yourself “What is processed meat?”

Unfortunately, for processed meat there is still much to be known and questions still remain. Here is the important information that you must understand about this study.


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“Processed meat… No, really, I don’t understand what is it.”

Processed meat is when the taste of the flesh has been modified by using a process such as smoking or curing for example or when salt or preservatives are added on it. Sausages, bacon, corned beef, salami, canned meat, meat-based sauces or even ham… The list is long and for most of us, painful. Beef/pork/lamb lovers will have to console themselves with chicken and all the white meats that are not affected by this problem to our knowledge.

“Ok, well. Are the risks really worrying?”

This study has been made by the World Health Organization, a detail that attests to the seriousness of this research. According to the organisation, 50g of processed meat per day increases the risk of cancer 18% and 100g of red meat at 17%. The World Cancer Research Fund Charity recommend to eat that type of meat as little as possible in order to reduce the exposure.

“Should I stop eating processed meat and meat?”

In fact, cigarettes, alcohol and city pollution are each killing more people every year than processed meat. So you should buy a house in the countryside, consume fresh air and drink only beetroot juice before your timely end. More seriously, stop eating meat is a choice. But it is still rich in proteins and minerals essential for the human body. For those who are motivated by dietary ideologies or simply not interested about the taste of meat, other alternatives exists.


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If this discover is not to be taken lightly, it is very important to understand that many things consumed in a excessive quantities can be bad in one way or another. The key is to have appreciation for eating good quality food, vegetables and meat, without excess. Most important is to take pleasure in the mindful selection and preparation of your food. No doubts that the Irish Breakfast still has numerous bright years ahead! 

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