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By Ernie Whalley

 Renvyle House Hotel

‘Tim O’Sullivan’s food is mega-tasty and his presentation is tidy, although he is not of the “paintings on plates” school.  Produce wherever possible is sourced locally and suppliers credited on the menu’.

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By Katy McGuinness


‘Fine dining is a horribly outdated notion, nobody wants stiff tablecloths and starched waiters any more, and it’s not a label that McEvoy would ever attach to his food. But Loam is serving ambitious food that’s very firmly rooted in the soil and landscape of the West of Ireland, and McEvoy and his team are doing something different here, albeit at a price point that’s not so different to what you’ll find in many other restaurants. ‘


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Soder & Ko

Asia, Scandinavia, and techy cooking techniques are about as 2015 as you could find in restaurant terms. Throw in DJs, beautiful young people, and late opening hours and you can see why Sodor & Ko is jammed full at weekends.’


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By Catherine Cleary 

Wynn’s Hotel

Wynn’s is playing to its audience rather than trying to attract a new one. But this place could get a hipster crowd if they lavished more love on their menu classics. I love the room. The service is great and I suspect this is a kitchen that could produce food that would do both justice. ‘


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