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Avoca is a paradise for food lovers, people looking for an original present or simply to offer themselves a tiny pleasure. A prosperity that just caught the attention of bigger company, seeing in Avoca a real potential and a necessity to expand it. The winner is Aramark, an american firm that employ 4000 people on 400 sites over the country. Well done Avoca!


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Ireland enjoy a very dynamic economy that attracts numerous company from everywhere. However, the country also has its proper company, 100% Irish! It is the case of Avoca, the retail outlets and cafes’ brand. Facing an obvious success, the company has officially announced that Avoca group has been purchased by the american Aramark. This food service and catering firm spent the better part of €60m to acquire the Irish brand.


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With 11 stores in the country and a net profit of €2.2m last year, Aramark understood that Avoca was a gold mine which is just waiting to be developed.

As a family we are very excited at this latest development for Avoca and believe that it is the right decision for us as a business and a family, at the right time and with the right partner,” Simon Pratt explained to Newstalk.

The story of the Avoca Family is only at its beginning….

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