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By Ernie Whalley

By Ernie Whalley

Pacino’s, 18 Suffolk St, Dublin 2

“We spend 119.00, including wine and cocktails. It would have been reasonable value had my main and dessert been up to snuff.  I don’t want to be too disparaging though.  The electric athmosphere alone makes Pacino’s an enjoyable place to dine.  But there’s a tad more care and thought needed if, food-wise, it’dto give Mamma a run for her money. “


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By Catherine Cleary

By Catherine Cleary

Bastible, 111 South Circular Rd, Dublin 8 

“The chef’s dream of opening his own place isn’t always a perfect match to the diner’s dream. Here it is precisely that. Bastible is not another neighbourhood restaurant. It’s the best restaurant I’ve been to in Dublin this year.”


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Salt, Victoria Road, Cork

“A lively, welcoming spot with a good range of food and wines, very easy, almost too easy, to enjoy.”


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“The menu at Harte’s is big on provenance, and espouses a desire to support local artisan producers and to source only Irish ingredients, which gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from this quarter. There’s also a terrific selection of Irish craft beers, with pairing suggestions for many of the dishes on the menu, and a great gin menu.”


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