My first food memory?
I remember very vividly eating porridge every morning for essentially my entire childhood. EVERY morning… I must have enjoyed it because it was my first word after the usual “mama” and “dada.” I probably rebelled at some point but I enjoy a trip down memory lane with a bowl of Flahavans from time to time…
Best local area for restaurants?
I live very near Cabinteely village, which actually boasts a really high standard of restaurants! It’s all we have in fairness, besides the post office, Garda station and about 4 barbers… There are really great Indian, Italian, Tapas and European restaurants within 10 minutes walking distance of my house. How I’m not overweight is a mystery!
Most recent enjoyable dining experience?
I graduated from BIMM music college over the weekend, and myself and the folks went to a restaurant on Golden Lane called Buenos Aires Grill. The food there (Argentinian) is delicious, and spicy enough to make your eyes water! The great service, and the fairly hefty quantities of wine, didn’t hurt the experience either…
Most visited restaurant?
I don’t eat out a huge amount, but my local Indian restaurant Veda is usually the go-to place. The food is incomparable, if I’m honest, and is apparently as close as you’ll get to authentic Indian food in Dublin. It’s fantastic, and I’ve been rolled home from there many times! Perhaps it’s a bad sign when the owner knows you by name, as well as your usual order…
Favourite celebrity chef?
I’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain. I know he’s more of a documentarian/traveller these days, but his knowledge of food and ability to describe flavours is astounding. As well as that, the man will eat literally anything, which is simultaneously entertaining, educational and sickening. I love it!
Favourite Food TV programme? 
Echoing my previous answer, it has to be No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, where he travels all over the world sampling local cuisine. Some of the far-flung, exotic countries he ends up in are beautiful as well as terrifying, and he has this gruff, devil-may-care attitude that I find so entertaining. And again, the man will eat anything…
The restaurant I would recommend to a visitor to your home city/town? 
For Dublin in general, it would have to be Taste of Everest on Lower Baggot Street. They serve Nepalese food which is a really unique experience. Nepal is sandwiched (pun-intended) between India and China so their food is a really cool fusion of those two cultures. There’s also a lovely vibe to the place.
Restaurant/café hidden gem?
Easy, Café Noto at the top of Francis Street. Probably not a hidden gem for some, but it’s a bit off the beaten track and I spent a ridiculous amount of time in there between college classes. The coffee is insane, as well as the food. Plus, they do student discounts, which is a big help for poor musicians!
Favourite Bar/Pub?
The Porterhouse on Nassau Street. I don’t drink much, but when I do, I’m a fiend for craft beer, and I’ve not found a bar better than the Porterhouse for that. Their Oyster stout is something to behold and (I’m absolutely going to get beaten up for this) surpasses the mighty Guinness in my opinion…
The food I dislike the most?
Brussel sprouts… I love vegetables, but those horrible little mini-cabbages and I just can’t get along. I don’t think I’m alone in that mind you…
Favourite for weekend brunch?
My local café, Urbun, have this incredible salad that I’ll get for brunch on occasion. It’s a whole pile of greens (lettuce, rocket etc.) with goat’s cheese, hummus, pesto, wheat toast, and roasted peppers. I could live on that dish alone, it’s class.

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Favourite healthy meal?
It might seem contradictory to the answers I just gave above, but I try and eat healthy most of the time! It’s vital, especially with a busy run of gigs, to stop me from burning out. My favourite meal in that category is probably turkey stir-fry with peppers, mushrooms, onions and brown rice. It’s also ridiculously easy to make, which falls right into my wheelhouse!
My guilty pleasure?
Christmas pudding. It’s the one food that makes all my will power go out the window. I could be well behaved all year, but as soon as someone puts a bowl of that in front of me, I will just chow down with no shame or compunction. Luckily, it’s a seasonal thing!
The meal I make to impress my friends?
I make a mean chicken in black-bean sauce. Again, it’s relatively easy to make, but I’ve cooked it so many times now that I’m able to put my own spin on it with a few little tricks/ingredients. Also, if you just plonk a bay leaf or some thyme on top of anything it makes you look like a pro.
Favourite food brand?
I’m not loyal to food brands in the slightest. But, if I had to pick, I’d say Loyd Grossman. He makes unbelievable sauces, which have saved my sub-par cooking attempts many times.
If I owned a restaurant I would name it?
Satisfaction, and I’d have the Rolling Stones blaring constantly as people ate.

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