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Dame Street was the home to a massive food change and a sprinkling of magic on Thursday afternoon. Abrakebabra, along with world renowned illusionist, brain hacker and new celebrity ambassador Keith Barry, showcased a brand new direction with their food. Although Keith Barry is used to astounding guests on the Ellen Degeneres and David Letterman shows, the new tantalising and revamped Abrakebabra menu had guests mesmerised.

The new generation look has offerings such as crunchy falafel on flatbread with hummus, Abra-slaw and cucumber, a marinated chicken burger with rocket and melted Emmental cheese, to complement the usual Abra classics. They still live by their motto of “Taste the difference” but are also adding new dishes that pack a big flavour punch.

Keith Barry took time out from his Out of Control world tour to entertain guests with a live show, performing some of his more famous “tricks”. Guests were willing to have their minds blown by Ireland’s leading TV hypnotist and mentalist for the chance of tasting some of Abrakebabra’s delicious looking new dishes. Tickets for his brand new show can be bought on Ticketmaster, while Keith Barry will be touring around Ireland up till January the 17th.

For those food lovers looking for something new to try, you can experience the latest Abrakebabra evolution on Dame Street, Dublin 2, and can tweet your friends on what they are missing out with #NextGenAbra

Keith Barry got inside people’s brains on Thursday, but the taste of these next generation Abrakebabra dishes will stay there.

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