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Good one By James Albert

Well there doesn’t seem to be any respite from the wild wind and misty mornings. So if there is any comfort to be had it is in the warmth of home at the weekends. Tucked up under the duvet on the sofa and enjoying a few home cooked treats. Once the soul is suitably warmed we put on our finest shirts, or short skirts and venture into the roaring wind to find a meal worth the trepidation. In tribute to all the great inspiration on Instagram and elsewhere here are the finest baked-beauties! All credit goes to these sweet Instagramers!

Yummi ?????☕️ #lovedublin #avoka

A photo posted by Anneli Lindeborgh (@annelihearhealer) on

We can only imagine the anxiety such a selection caused for Anneli, not an enviable task when Salt Cafe @ Avoca put on a spread like that!

Unos gordos por Dublín☕?

A photo posted by @miriamsr13 on

This shot from Miriam ticks a lot of boxes, the mis-matched crockery, the lavish Hot Chocolate and the silky Espresso. It could only be the Queen of Tarts! Those cakes don’t look bad either.

If healthy eating looks this good we might give it a try! Some delicious depth and detail from the guys at Eathos Dublin.

Irish breakfast cup cakes! #irishmade #irishfood #irishbreakfast #dublin #lovedublin

A photo posted by ekphotographydesign.com (@elainekellegher) on

This must be the healthiest full Irish out there, well maybe only just! Definitely worth a look at some quality craft at ekphotographydesign.com

It may only be the 1st of December but Christmas fever has gripped us like the cold. We love this take on the Gingerbread classic! Make your Christmas a Merrion!


Stay tuned for our Instagram highlights over the Festive Season and if you have the taste for more, check out our own Instagram at Menupages_ie


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