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By Manon Gustave

Christmas is coming… And with it so much exciting news! This week has been very busy again, difficult to read everything especially the weather. Fortunately Menupages has an eye everywhere and found you a few news stories that you should have a look at. Enjoy!

 Towards the end of free water?


For over a year now, an important remonstrance has shaken the country and if we dare speak its name, “water charges”. As a result of this ongoing unrest, restaurants announced that facing some difficulties, they might have to charge €1 for a glass of tap water glass’ if the commercial rates are increased. Tourism Minister Paschal Donohoe displayed his discontent and many Irish citizens might follow him.


A chicken baguette or I loose control!

Chicken Roll

Never joke with an hungry man. That is what an fast food from Cork experienced last week. Shane Morrissey, 30 years old entered in the spot, and asked for a chicken baguette. However, the starved man had no penny on him, promising the manager to pay the next day. A request that has been refused and led the broke customer to a volatile and violent reaction. After going to his home, Shane Morrissey came back to the Fast Food joint, pointing an imitation riffle on the two employees. He has been arrested and incurs an imprisonment of two and a half years .

The quality before the price

Irish products

Irish citizens are very attached to their habits, and the good ones in term of food. In fact, they want to still continue to buy numerous Irish brand manufactured in the country according to a survey realized by Love Irish Food. According to the association, Irish people understood during the recession to buy these brand to continue to produce numerous jobs in the country. In the Top10 of the most successful: Barry’s tea, Cadbury’s chocolate and Tayto crisps!

A successful year for Paddy McKillen’s Business


Paddy McKillen is one of the most influential Irish businessman in the country and his company owns numerous restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. The annual report of the company revealed a rise of 4% of revenues, mainly generated by the Everleigh Garden nightclub, in Harcourt Street, The Workman’s Club in Temple Bar and the restaurant group Wagamama. The pertinent numbers? Here they are: Holtend Ltd, the firm behind the Everleigh Garden nightclub speaks about post-tax profits of €498,710 with the Workman’s Club and Restaurant Ltd recording post-tax profits of €439,365. A case in gold!

A list of 12 pubs where groups shouldn’t go this Christmas

Capture d’écran 2015-12-03 à 11.22.59

If Dublin is known for its ‘festive’ aspect, it is very often the theater of numerous overflows. And the first victims are probably the pubs themselves. Some will accept it as par for the course, others no! That’s why the website Published a list of the “Pubs that are NOT allowing 12 pubs of Christmas groups.” The list include The Swan, The Long Hall, Opium and Bowes Bar. So if you hoped to spend your Christmas there being merry, make sure to keep numbers to a minimum!

Full list available on Publin.





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