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As you know, Christmas is coming very fast, it is time to do the last shopping before the big day. Even if you know your Aunt Susan is happy with the usual scarf, your brother Richie is harder to please… Until you remember his passion for cooking! At Menupages we know that a cookbook is much appreciated but not for everybody… Here is our list of funny gifts to offer to the Foodie of the family.


Idea n°1: A Loch Ness Ladle


This incredible ladle-shaped like the Loch Ness monster. To add that pinch of mystery to your soup…

Available here


Idea n°2: A sushi maker


Its nickname? The Sushi Bazooka! This small invention will make your hosting duties much easier this Christmas. Sushi addicts will love it!

Available Here

Idea n°3: Food odor removing soap

Capture d’écran 2015-12-15 à 11.27.53

Fish, garlic, pepper, curry… If you love to get hands on with the cooking you probably smell like it, trust us you do. Fortunately, this soap overcomes any odors!

Available here


Idea n°4: Heisenberg cutting board


If in addition he/she is a Breaking bad lover, here is the perfect present. Be sensible, it’s only made to cook food!

Available here


Idea n°5: Bike knife for pizza

Capture d’écran 2015-12-15 à 11.41.41

Well, this is a gift that everybody should have.

Available here


Idea n°6: Onion Goggles

Image Onion goggles

If you know someone who gets emotional over chopping onions, or they want the same slick looks as Heston Blumenthal and Edgar Davids! This is a Christmas must have.

Available here

Idea n°7: an uncommon sharpener


Knifes are completely part of each kitchen and are an essential element for everybody. However, a blunt knife is as useful as a library in Paris Hilton’s House. Here is a nice accessory to keep it and it’s owner sharp!

Available here 


Idea n°8: herb Keeper

Capture d’écran 2015-12-15 à 12.00.39

Using fresh herbs instead of the dried one make a huge difference. However, it often ends up going to waste, especially when you’re cooking for two. This herb keeper will give your herbs a little extra shelf life.

Available here


Idea n°9: A chopping board for music lovers



His/her flat is full of old records, the turntable is turning permanently…  but if they want to make a real salsa this Christmas, this is essential! In addition, this chopping board vinyl from the brand Joseph Joseph is pretty cheap for the quality…!

Available here

Idea n°10: Spend a good night in a restaurant thanks to Menupages!


At Menupages, we love food and that is why we try to offer you amazing deals from the best restaurants in the country. Because a ‘Foodie’ is first of all a food lover. Check-out our current offers on our website!





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