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By Mark Keane

Despite their objections, food businesses and chefs will have to calculate calories for their dishes and display it on menus in 2016. Minister for Health Leo Varadkar believes this is an important step in battling Ireland’s current obesity epidemic, which is affecting 60% of the population. With only 7% of food businesses currently providing calorie information, they will need to get to grips with it quickly, as over 95% of consumers are in favour of the idea.  

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Celebrity chef Kevin Dundon sees the pros and cons of the plan, but believes we would be better off by educating kids in primary school about how to eat healthy and how to cook nutritional meals. Calorie information will be here to stay in 2016, and will ultimately cost restaurants around €5,000 to implement it.

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Would you re-assess buying a Big Mac meal in McDonalds knowing its going to account for half of your recommended daily calorie intake?

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