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No one really knows where it first came from and no one can agree when it was first made? The earliest signs of it date back around 4,000 years, now cheese has a global presence and each country offers their own speciality. It can be used in the most elaborate recipe or served on crackers and toast. Cheese has always had a flavour of luxury and should be enjoyed like a fine wine; with time, passion, pleasure. Thanks to its abundant variety and form, the new flavours are never ending, gaining new admirers along the way. Even if Ireland is not as famed for aficionados as other countries on the Continent, it does boast a few good producers. Menupages are at your service, with advice and recommendations, what’s Gouda cheese and where to Edam?

. The Winding Stair

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The Winding Stair is a popular Restaurant in the city, offering views of Ha’penny Bridge and perched above it’s own beguiling Bookshop. Upstairs offers a variety of dishes in a ‘rustic style’, giving a lot of charm to this sought after spot in Dublin. Their Cheese board is presented in that same spirit, with many products from Ireland and served with tasty homemade crackers and a Plum chutney. Simple but scrumptious.  


. Olesya’s Wine Bar


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The Olesya made its reputation with a copious list of wines and, of course, very tasty food. For cheese lovers, it is the real definition of paradise; Camembert fondue, goat cheese and organic beetroots, French and Irish cheese plates… The choice is impressive, making Olesya one of the best locations to enjoy our favourite dairy delicacy!


. The Pig’s ear

Pigs Ear Restaurant, Dublin. May 2010. Photos – Paul Sherwood 00 353 87 230 9096 Mobile Copyright 2010

Photos by Paul Sherwood

We selected the Pig’s ear not because the cheese board is the best in the city (even if the selection is interesting) but for the overall quality of the food served in this restaurant. Each plate provides a festival of colour and new flavours, perfect to enjoy before a good hearty board of cheese.


. Bull & castle


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One of the best places around Christchurch. First, the staff are very friendly, the atmosphere lively and the food is a mix between traditional and modern Irish cuisine. The restaurant carefully selected a large range of Irish cheese, ready to awake your taste buds. This is the place to discover new cheeses or rediscover the best in Ireland.


. Chapter one


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No need to introduce the Chapter One. This Restaurant is probably the most expensive, but sometimes you have to pay the price to experience a pure moment of happiness. For €35, the Chapter One makes gargantuan boards of cheese which will satisfy the most gluttonous addict. Castle blue, Kilree Goats, Coolea, Pont L’Eveque… need we say anymore?


If you remain unsatisfied, here are some mouth-watering “Cheesy facts”;

In cheese we trust

. The U.K. consumes around 700,000 tonnes of cheese a year.

. The Irish eat less cheese than our European neighbors, yet we seem to have more “weight issues” than them. While, French people are big consumers of cheese and their obesity rate is very low.

. A small piece of cheese before you go to bed can actually help you sleep.

. The Dubliner Cheese is produced in the county of Cork.

. Cahill’s Farmhouse Cheese in the county of Limerick is producing a cheese with whiskey.

“Many’s the long night I’ve dreamed of cheese

— toasted, mostly.”

Robert Louis Stevenson


. Before the potato arrive in the country around 1600, Irish people use to eat a lot of dairy (Milk, butter, cheese…).

. An Irish chieftain nicknamed Cheese-Guzzler O’Ruairc died of ‘a surfeit of sex‘ in 1204.

. The St Tola Goat cheese is Irish and produced near County Clare’s wild Atlantic coast. The brand received the Award of Euro-toques producer of the year 2015 and is used in many restaurants.

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