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New year, new you, at least that’s the aim. Getting fit and keeping that mind sharp can be hard to fit into your daily routine, especially if you don’t like playing Sudoku. The way around this, as you would imagine, is by using apps! We’ve compiled a list of the best ones that will help alleviate stress, find the perfect workout routine, local classes, personal trainers and nutritionists. Time to uninstall Angry Birds and put these free apps on your phone instead.

HealthMateHealth Mate

Health Mate, the former winner of “App Store Best of” will track your daily activity and heart rate by using sensors in your iPhone. It will keep an eye on your weight and sleep pattern, with the aim of improving your overall health. You can challenge your friends to a steps challenge if you require that extra bit of motivation.

Remember a healthy heart is a happy heart!



If you have no idea what quinoa is, or what to do with a bunch of kale, Hapicoach will offer you a personal nutritionist who will provide you with bespoke food advice and detailed information. Now you can put down those chicken breasts and steaks when you’re shopping, and fill the basket up with veg instead!


Mindbody Connect

Working out alone can be a bit boring so Mindbody Connect will find and book the best gym classes and services that are local to you! Now you can find as many of those exciting spin classes as you can handle.



You may have got the Headspace book over Christmas, if not, you can install the app instead. Its aim is to increase your focus, decrease worry, and improve that noggin of yours. It’s been described as a gym membership for the mind, although without that pesky monthly fee.



Fancy learning new exercise techniques for 1000’s of exercises with detailed instructions and short videos? Bodyspace has you covered and then some. It also allows you to chat with like minded people, find a new buddy and chat about how to get the perfect pecs.

Water Your Body

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All rights reserved

Water Your Body has a full version that will set you back 99 cents, and a free lite version. It has a simple but rather important aim of monitoring your daily water intake to ensure you are always fully hydrated. It designs a specific programme for you, depending on your age, height, weight, lifestyle, to ensure you perform to the best of your abilities.


Install these apps, follow our January detox guide, and you will be a new person in 2016!

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