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Christian Bale, star of the Batman movies, and known for his willingness to lose and gain weight for film roles, has turned down the role of Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s biopic after feeling he couldn’t gain the required weight in a healthy way before filming began. Bale, having previously suffered for his art with a daily diet of coffee and an apple or can of tuna in the film “The Machinist”, then gaining 99lbs by going straight into the role of Bruce Wayne, no doubt had probably got his fill of method acting.Christian Bale

We’ve seen two schools of thought for actors when it comes to putting on weight for roles. You can eat a few chicken breasts, egg white omelettes with rice and vegetables and wash it down with a protein shake four or five times a day to hit that daily 4,000 calorie goal, or you can have a bit of fun…Take a page out of Matt Damon and Sylvester Stallone’s book and gorge on Dorito’s and pancakes, or if you love pasta then eat only that for a month straight like Clooney did to gain 35 pounds for “Syriana”. Jared Leto was on the right track by melting tubs of Haagen Dazs in the microwave and drinking it, but we can’t get behind his added ingredients of olive oil and soy sauce.


Rob McElhenney from “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”, who gained 52 pounds for no particular reason, points out that it’s a lot easier and more fun to eat Big Mac’s than to be having chicken and protein drinks every day. We wondered what we would do if we were aspiring actors, asked to gain weight for some big Hollywood movie. We aren’t talking about the extreme weight gain that Vincent D’Onofrio and Robert De Niro did for “Full Metal Jacket” and “Raging Bull”, so there will be no cheating with Big Macs.

Russel Crowe was onto something when he decided to eat cheeseburgers for breakfast, unfortunately Bunsen and Wowburger only open at 12. Going to need to find something to eat before then. 147 Deli opens at 8am but don’t get distracted by those tasty sandwiches, you are here for the doughnuts, grab as many as you can but be nice and leave one or two for others. Order the largest cappuccino you can, throw in plenty of sugar, and then get waddling to work. If you aren’t lucky enough to live near 147 Deli, the Avoca cafes have started selling doughnuts from Revolution Bakery. You have lunch sorted at 12 with the aforementioned burger options, but it has to be double cheeseburgers and none of these healthy sweet potato fries if you visit Bunsen. Don’t forget all the toppings are free in Wowburger so make the most of it, and garlic butter fries are of course a no-brainer.



What to have post-work and later on for dinner? Fried chicken will add a bit of variety to your day, ignore Crackbird’s instructions to share a full soy garlic chicken and pig out on one all by yourself. You will begin to see a recurring theme where your friends and loved ones won’t be joining you on any part of this odyssey, so get used to dining alone. Murphy’s ice cream on Wicklow Street is not too far away so you won’t have to worry about burning any calories getting there. Order as many scoops as you can handle, then get some tubs of ice cream to bring home with you.

Your wallet may be taking a hit, but you knew there was going to be some suffering to get that coveted movie role. Before you call it a night, you have a choice of pizza or BBQ food. A few large pizzas covered in cheese are definitely going to help you bulk up. The folks at “Base Wood Fired Pizza”, “Paulie’s Pizza” and “Platform Pizza Bar” will keep you well fed, while “Bison” and “Pitt Bros” full rack of pork ribs will scratch that itch for some authentic American BBQ.

After a heavy day of eating, pop yourself in front of the TV, open that tub of Murphy’s ice cream you bought earlier in the day which should be fully melted now, and have a drink before bed!


Help aspiring actors out by letting us know what foods should have made it onto our list?

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