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Chances are one of the following happened to you between Christmas and New Years. You were either given a Nutribullet as a present or you made a New Year’s resolution to be a healthier version of yourself. If it was the latter then this article will still be helpful for you, but you may need to “borrow” that juicer from whoever in your family isn’t using it. Going to the gym is boring and we aren’t going to waste your time persuading you to keep going, but making your own smoothies is definitely something we can get behind. It will save you a tonne of money in the long run and you won’t have to rely on juice bars to get your fix. Crack open that Nutribullet box, get rid of that confused look on your face, and let’s get juicing!!

There are no Ten Commandments when it comes to juicing, but we feel these guidelines should always be followed. You will see other smoothie recipes using ingredients like strawberries even though they won’t be in season for another 9 months, we just don’t see the point of using frozen fruit especially when they have been linked with virus outbreaks. There’s a big demand for green smoothies packed full of kale, spinach, wheatgrass and spirulina, however you aren’t going to keep making these if they taste terrible. The trick is to use other ingredients to help mask the vegetable flavours, so add some apples or juice from lemon and limes into the mix. This is a sneaky way to pack vegetables into your life without gagging on the actual taste of it.

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If you are the sort of person who happily munches on a banana while walking to work, then there’s no real point adding them to your smoothies. You want to add ingredients that will complement your regular nutritional habits. Throw in ginger, cucumbers, beetroot, celery, lettuce, thyme, basil and fennel as it’s probably a safe bet that you don’t regularly eat them.

What about using crazily expensive Himalayan pink salt you ask? There will be none of that fancy stuff in this article. Put down that organic agave syrup and use some local Irish honey if you need to sweeten things. Save that Canadian maple syrup for your pancakes. We will admit that raw cacao paste is pretty amazing, but we find it better to have a few squares of Lindt chocolate at night instead. One idea we do like is the addition of nut butters and certain oils, they can provide a whole new level of tastiness and nutrition to your drink. Adding some Meridian walnut, cashew, almond, or hazelnut butter will give that smoothie some rich delicious creaminess. Coconut oil is another good ingredient to add, or just add coconut milk or coconut cream instead, they are all packed full of health benefits. If you find yourself getting addicted to all things coconut, Asian markets are the best place to buy it.

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Some people like adding oats and Glenisk yoghurt to their smoothie, but we think they are better off being eaten for breakfast. You’ve probably heard of the cayenne pepper diet, we love using that spice in cooking, but adding it to a smoothie is just going to give you a raw unpleasant taste that will sting your lips. In regards to using spices, we think it’s better to give them a miss, save them for your baking and cooking adventures. Herbs on the other hand are always worth using.

How about powders like chlorella, spirulina, acai or maca? We’d rather save our money and juice some fresh spinach, currants and avocados instead. Also, don’t worry about achieving a pH “balance” by lashing in apple cider vinegar, it will just ruin the taste of the smoothie.

What’s the moral of this story? Basically ditch all those weird expensive fancy ingredients and keep it simple stupid silly.



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