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Got a food idea that you think will make you a fortune but you’re unsure how to get the ball rolling? Shane Bonner of “Newmarket Kitchen” in Bray has come up with the solution by merging the three concepts of kitchen space, incubation and office space into one for potential Irish food start ups. He came up with the idea after working with a friend in the Dublin Farmers Market scene and seeing firsthand the limitations and lack of food facilities for entrepreneurs wanting to start up their own business.

Shane, being an accountant by trade, has a head for numbers. The idea for Newmarket Kitchen was a great one, but it of course had to make financial sense for all involved. By making the premises a one-stop-shop for food businesses, the likes of Poulet Bonne Femme, Love Supreme Coffee, Nourish, and Sadie’s Kitchen all soon became members. These businesses get access to a fully fledged commercial kitchen, consultation advice on pricing, packaging, branding, labelling, social marketing, and most importantly advice on how to get your product to market.

All rights reserved

All rights reserved

Newmarket Kitchen hopes that its members will form a sort of food community where the businesses can collaborate and help each other out. Membership can be on a month by month basis which is ideal for new businesses who may not know where they will be a year from joining. Although, discounts are offered to those who commit to a year-long membership.

“Bayin”, a purveyor of cold pressed sesame and peanut oils, decided to join as it would allow them to focus completely on their product. New businesses don’t want to be spending their time by having to find suitable premises, proper equipment or ringing electricians to fix problems. Shane feels that the main thing stopping new exciting food businesses from setting up is the fear of taking risks. Newmarket Kitchen’s goal is to tear down barriers and reduce risk as much as possible. To make things even better for members, they have 24/7 secured access to the premises, and can avail of help with regards to food safety and how to distribute their product when it’s ready.

So far Newmarket Kitchen has kept to their motto of Join-Grow-Gain. Let’s see what fledgling businesses join in the future and how far they will grow.


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