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For their 100th anniversary Cadbury decided to do something special, something really special, and rather odd. They wanted to keep up with the foodie trends of the past year and release flavours that would reflect how they have kept their finger on the food world pulse. As a result, all you health nuts can now get your kale in chocolate form, to go along with the beet and wasabi flavours you were no doubt clamouring for! One has to think that the “Idea Guys” at Cadbury decided to have a business lunch in a sushi place, and it came down to wasabi versus pickled ginger for the last spot on this flavour dream team.

If you are the sort of evil person who wraps brussels sprouts in left over Ferrero Rocher wrappers to give to kids on Halloween, we’ve found some bizarre chocolate combinations that will be perfect for next years Halloween or as a gift for a “loved” one. There is almost too much choice out there!

Kit Kat has offered their bars in the following flavours: Matcha tea, Gouda cheese, Apple vinegar, or sweet potato. American based Komforte Chockolates have flavours like tortilla lime and salt, French toast, and savoury ramen. Even Tayto and Dairymilk have got in on the act by offering a cheese and onion chocolate bar, and a vegemite one.

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For those wanting to try weird healthy combinations, the team at Doisy & Dam offer flavours like: black sesame with spirulina, ginger, chilli flakes and hemp seeds, or quinoa with smoked tea and vanilla, and finally a coffee with sprouted buckwheat bar. They sound delicious!

We’ve also seen the use of ingredients like avocado, peanut butter, raisins, currants, chai. Smart readers are probably thinking it’s easier, tastier and cheaper to just buy a jar of peanut butter to dip your chocolates into, and they may well be right. We were curious about Ireland’s dangerous chocolate world so we got some unusual bar combinations to try so that you don’t have to!


Cocoabean Artisan Chocolates from Kerry has flavours like lime zest and black pepper, rose and pistachio, but since we are partial to a gin and tonic, we had to try that flavour. Strangely, the bar has a huge lime aroma, bringing back memories of Starburst sweets. We were waiting for that gin and tonic flavour to kick in but it never came. Looking at the ingredient listing, there’s no mention of gin or of tonic, but there is vanilla flavouring, 2% juniper berries and 2% lime oil. The bar tastes ok, but we had our hearts set on trying gin and tonic flavoured chocolate.

Next up was the pretty looking Dolfin dark chocolate with lavender from Belgium. Usually lavender goes with white chocolate, so we were skeptical about trying it. As you would expect, there was a big floral and perfumey aroma, but it didn’t overpower the taste of the chocolate. There was a nice crunchy texture from bits of lavender inside the bar. We much preferred this flavour over the gin and tonic, and felt it would go well with a cup of tea.

If this chocolate talk has gotten you hungry and you fancy making your own creations, the folks of Coco Bó on O’Connell Street will give you the chance to let your imagination run wild. They have a chocolate counter where you can make your own flavoured bars, filled with all sorts of ingredients. You can stick with more traditional flavours like roasted nuts and cherries, or go crazy by throwing gummy bears, rice crispies, corn flakes or cheerios into the bar.

They cover all your sweet tooth needs by selling ice cream sundaes, hot chocolate, éclairs, waffles, and milk shakes too.

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All rights reserved


We’ve talked about some crazy flavours, but what say you? Are Gouda cheese kitkats the bee’s knees? Do you find yourself sprinkling quinoa on chocolate now? If you were the CEO of Valrhona or Cadbury what new flavours would you be releasing? Let us know what chocolate combinations we need to try!

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