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It’s easy to get caught up in the buzz of Valentine’s Day, buying a dozen roses, chocolates, champagne, and an expensive meal out. However, Fire Restaurant and Lounge are leading the appeal to help the city centres homeless alongside Inner City Helping Homeless and the Capuchin Day Centre. Every Monday for the last six months, 80 staff at Fire restaurant on Dawson Street has volunteered their time making and supplying sandwiches for Inner City Helping Homeless. Inner City Helping Homeless offer food and clothes to 140 homeless men and women each night that are sleeping rough across Dublin city.

After seeing the huge contribution for the homeless from 3Mobile and the IRFU at last Sunday’s rugby international, Fire restaurant was inspired to appeal to other businesses and organisation in the hospitality sector to help out. Even former Lion, Ireland and Munster player John Hayes is willing to put in a shift by offering to make sandwiches one night a week at any businesses that join the cause.

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Fire restaurant director Sharon Hollywood felt that by letting people know how their relatively small contribution ended up making a big impact, it would encourage others to get involved, and that by working together they could make a real difference for homeless people. She hopes that businesses will see what they can do to help, that helping out is not difficult and will have a big impact.

Anthony Flynn of Inner City Helping Homeless has said that their partnership with Fire restaurant will save them around 9,000 euro’s per year, and if other restaurants join that number could rise to 50,000 euro’s. He hopes that this partnership will allow them to grow and expand their service throughout 2016. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day but see how you can help out Inner City Helping Homeless and the Capuchin Day Centre this year.

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