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“Make mine a Rumbera please”, that’s what Will Lynch, Head Bartender of The Exchequer Dublin is hoping people will start saying should he win the Bacardi Legacy competition. He is currently competing against 2 other Irish representatives for a spot in the finals of the cocktail world’s biggest competition.

Will got his inspiration for the cocktail when he saw Bacardi’s mesmerising poster of a Rumba dancer in a red flamenco dress from 1940’s Cuba. Once the recipe was tweaked and mastered, he decided to tour Ireland with the Rumbera, selling it at the Nova in Galway, Pigalle in Cork, and in both of the Exchequer venues.

All rights reserved

All rights reserved

The Exchequer are supporting Will by adding a charity fundraising element to his cocktail. Every time they sell a Rumbera in their venues they will donate 1 euro to the Irish Cancer Society, a charity that is very close to Will’s heart.

If you fancy making a Rumbera yourself, Will has provided us with the list of ingredients, although our attempts haven’t been a patch on the ones in The Exchequer!

Bacardi Carta Blanca 50ml

Lemon Juice 25ml

Orgeat 15ml

Pomegranate Juice 20ml

Egg Whites 5ml

Spray of Rose Water Mist

Drop by The Exchequer, eat some tasty food, and support a good cause with a Rumbera cocktail or two!



Feature Image; Photographer Carl Foran

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