Good one By James Albert

We’ve come to the end of February ?, the finest of food months. We threw off the shackles of rice-cake diets and expressed our true affinity for good grub. We gorged on pancakes and guzzled bubbly as is the annual tradition of Pancake Day and Valentine’s. It is the month we became gooey eyed over the perfect latte art and rediscovered our love for all things chocolate. It’s not that our resolutions were forgotten, not at all, it’s just we’ve decided not to deprive ourselves of the things we like. Instead we will be disciplined and have a sensible amount of everything too yummy to be healthy. So for all those #irishfoodbloggers we salute you! Thanks for reminding us that food can be bright, beautiful and most of all delicious. Credit goes to all Instagrammers featured.

Day 1 of my book two food shoot! ??? @jettevirdi @gillbooks

A photo posted by ✨ Rosanna Davison ✨ (@rosanna_davison) on

We’ve seen some of @jetteverdis work before. This week saw the showcase of this exotic dish from Rosanna. An elaborate and vibrant dish packed with 5-a-Day goodness!

Spinach & Broccoli Soup with Fresh Farmhouse Granary ? Rich in #Iron and #Fibre #SoupOnTheCoast #Malahide

A photo posted by Gourmet Food Parlour (@gourmetfoodparlour) on

The Gourmet Food Parlour have been inspiring home cooked meals across Dublin this month. With equal care in nutrition and presentation this wholesome looking soup should thaw the last of those winter blues.

As already stated the #irishfoodbloggers are the stars of the show! Hazel has excelled in luring us in with this dangerously delicious doughnut adorned decadent delight.

If you find yourself browsing Instagram for Irish food photography it is only a matter of time before you come across Kilshanny House. This welcoming warm pub has all the character of a life size Gingerbread house. There really is a lot on offer but this Irish Coffee combo has temptation in every pixel!

Finally Rory has given us a bit of perspective on why we all love looking at food? Because it gives us inspiration and that gets us through the week!


We will be back with more from the glorious world of Instagram next week… or you can check out our own Instagram at Menupages_ie




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