We had the pleasure of of recently sitting down with Brendan Sheehan, star of ‘Shoebox Memories’ an Irish film produced by Plain Sailing Films and one of only ten films being shown at this year’s 10th Dingle Film Festival.

My first food memory?

One of my first food memories is my grandmothers cooking on the farm where my Dad grew up in Killorglin Co Kerry. The warm bread smothered in real butter followed by meat, mash and overcooked cabbage.

Best local area for restaurants?

Camden Street has a few very nice, affordable restaurants.

Most recent enjoyable dining experience?

A lot of my enjoyable dining experiences are linked to moments when I’m allowed to eat again. I have competed in bodybuilding shows so I followed a very strict eating plan so when I did eat out everything tasted 100 times better. One that pops to mind is in a steakhouse in Limerick the night before the NABBA show I did there. I had 3 x steak and baked potatoes main courses, probably 30 oz of steak in total with a lovely red wine. That was heaven.

Most visited restaurant?

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Zakura sushi place on Camden Street or Kokora sushi, there is a few of them around.

Favourite celebrity chef?

Dylan McGrath

Favourite Food TV programme?

Masterchef or something with Gordon Ramsey shouting at people

The restaurant I would recommend to a visitor to your home city/town?


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Been gone too long from my home town of Portlaoise so will give you my few from Dublin. Siam Thai Dundrum, Chez Max, Fade St Social, L’Gueuleton, Zakura, Saba, Brasserie 66.

Restaurant/café hidden gem?

Nicks coffee, Ranelagh. It’s a tiny little spot with a little outdoor area, a really lovely atmosphere and mix of people there on a summer afternoon.

Favourite Bar/Pub?


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Lillies Bordello. I got to know one of the owners whilst working at Bodybyrne so had my 30th birthday there, Dave Morrissey gave us the venue for screening the Garda series, know a lot of the staff. All really lovely people & have had some cracking nights there with friends and family.

The food I dislike the most?

I dislike anything that does my body harm. In pursuit of profit companies created low quality cheap food and convinced the world with marketing that they’re ok to eat and drink. Now we have a generation plagued by illness, obesity and sadness because they lack the vital ingredients our bodies need to be well, be fit and be happy.

Favourite for weekend brunch?


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Brasserie 66. Lovely atmosphere, really nice staff, perfect for a chilled afternoon.

Favourite healthy meal?

Almost everything I eat is “healthy”. I eat 6-7 meals a day, two of them would be Nutribullet shakes but I guess my favourite time of the day is the first 3 hours I’m awake. I start with a lemon/lime/grated ginger warm water, I drink a litre of water, I then have a green veg Nutribullet shake then an apple, then some green/tulsi tea then crack on with eating.

My guilty pleasure?

Hula hoops, salt and vinegar crisps, popcorn. If it’s there I will eat it, I have often eaten 6 bags of hula hoops because an offer or something would tempt me to buy the multi pack.

The meal I make to impress my friends?

I can do a whopper steak with mushroom gratin with homemade chips fried in rapeseed oil.

Favourite food brand?

None come to mind. I buy fresh food. Fresh food transcends brands.

If I owned a restaurant I would name it?

Mouthful of Memories.


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