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Another week another Bite Sized news!


Conor McGregor 13 Seconds Porter

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All rights reserved

As you’re no doubt aware, Conor McGregor is fighting this weekend at UFC 196 in Las Vegas against Stockton native Nate Diaz. The fight promises to be special, filled with trash talking and non-stop action. For UFC 196 the Brewtonic team has re-brewed their “13 Seconds Porter”, a beer that they previously unveiled after The Notorious one KOed Jose Aldo with a left hook in record time.

The beer will be released from 1pm this Saturday in The Bernard Shaw, but is likely to sell out extremely fast. Grab a pint and toast to Conor’s good fortune this weekend!

Buckfast and chilli Easter eggs

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All rights reserved

If there are any connoisseurs of Lurgan champagne in your family then they are in for a treat this Easter. Chillilicious in Scotland are selling Easter Eggs with a twist! The eggs are flavoured with chillies grown from their farm along with some tasty Buckfast. Bring back memories of your youth this Easter with one of these delicious eggs!


All rights reserved

All rights reserved

We’ve seen Michael Stipe posting Instagram photos with Bono lately, appearing to have great craic in Dublin together. Makes you think about the possibility of them forming a R.E.M. and U2 supergroup. We will have to settle for the next best thing though, as it’s been revealed that Brian McFadden of Westlife fame and Keith Duffy from Boyzone are forming the supergroup we’ve all been clamouring for, Boyzlife.

Although the two musicians won’t be playing live till October 16th in London, no matter what your friends say we would recommend booking tickets as soon as they become available, otherwise your dreams are likely to be dashed. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who doesn’t manage to get a ticket, don’t worry as Keith Duffy says there is going to be no limit for this new project, that there may even be a documentary and new songs from the collaboration. Imagine how envious your friends would be seeing a picture of you with Boyzlife, words would not do the experience justice!

BoxBurger, no not that Box Burger!

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All rights reserved

Box Burger in Bray has been serving up tasty burgers for quite a while, often making it on “Top 5 Burgers in Dublin” lists. However, you may have heard about BoxBurger in Clontarf and thought it was from the same business expanding their burger empire? Sadly, it is not, but is actually part of the Pitt Bros family. Having previously being accused of copying an idea or two from Bison, one would hope this choice of name is merely a coincidence! On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine somebody setting up a new burger business in Dublin and not being aware of Box Burger in Bray.

Box Burger in Bray were all class when it was brought to their attention

It’s not us but we can see how people got that impression…
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…. what can we say? We’re feeling sincerely flattered


3D printed food

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All rights reserved

3-D printers sound pretty cool, we’d love to mess around with one if given the chance. We’ve seen the guys on the Big Bang Theory make their own dolls with a 3-D printer, Princeton put it to better use by creating a bionic ear that can pick up radio signals beyond the range of human hearing, while more mischievous users have made guns and reconstructed keys from the Transportation Security Administration.

Fine dining chefs are now beginning to play around with them, creating beautifully designed dishes that would be too difficult to do by hand. The 3-D printer, called Foodini, even allows people to upload designs from the internet to be designed onto plates. This sounds like a godsend for bakers and pastry chefs! We can’t wait to see what our future birthday cakes will look like when created by Foodini.


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