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You have to admire Conor McGregor’s chutzpah, like Icarus, he flew too high only to come crashing back down to earth. When you’re knocking everybody out in 1 round and then defeating the former pound-for-pound king in 13 seconds, it’s easy to believe you’re invincible and that you’re meteoric rise will never hit any bumps. On Saturday night, that bump was in the form of a lanky, brash 30 year old from Stockton, California.

While The Notorious described his opponent as the skinniest fat guy he’s ever seen, those in the know are well aware of the dangers of fighting Nate Diaz. He is well known for his resilience, which was evident when he took the best that Conor had to offer, and for being extremely fit due to his love of triathlon’s. What may surprise you though is the fact that his food diet follows the principles of veganism and raw foodism.

Nate Diaz is without a doubt the toughest vegan in the world. You don’t necessarily think of a fighter, let alone one that has a reputation as being a foul mouthed thug, being a huge advocate for veganism and organic food. He has being following this diet since his late teens, often citing it as the reason why he has so few injuries and for allowing him to train harder and longer than his peers. What exactly does the diet of a professional vegan fighter look like?

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Nate Diaz avoids “land meat” while predominantly eating whole raw foods, meaning he never eats processed ingredients and generally never cooks anything over 40 degrees. He does make exceptions for wild seafood and eggs, no doubt due to them being full of nutrients and healthy fats. Diaz has previously said he hates red meat rotting inside his stomach, it being full of pesticides, preservatives and steroids. One of his favourite dishes is raw pasta noodles made out of kelp with pesto, a dish that you would no doubt see in the likes of Eathos! He also likes to eat goats cheese probiotic salads, vegetable juice, brown rice, quinoa, gluten free bread, as well as a variety of milks from almond to hemp to coconut to goat.

Before you commit to following Diaz’s diet, he doesn’t drink any alcohol too. Let us know which diet tickles your fancy, Nate Diaz’s vegan, raw food and alcohol free diet, or Conor McGregor’s Sirtfood diet that allows you to eat chocolate and red wine! Tough choice eh.


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