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Gorse flowers, rowanberries and hawthorn, chances are you wont be familiar with these ingredients unless you really love foraging. However, that is set to change with the official launch of Dingle Distillery’s Four Seasons Gin.

Undoubtedly, gin is currently going through a renaissance. More and more distillers are making small batch artisan gins, combining long held distillation traditions with a degree of innovation. Dingle Distillery is one of the pioneers when it comes to rekindling the tradition of independent distilling in Ireland. They are creating a variety of gins that have their own unique flavour profile, giving people a taste of the Kerry landscape. The idea of terroir has long been used in the wine world and it’s an idea that Dingle Distillery has really embraced by their use of local, wild and foraged ingredients. They feel it helps create a sense of place and identity unlike other gins.

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Their Four Seasons gins are about capturing the essence of the seasons. Each gin uses ingredients that are found in Kerry during that specific season only. It’s about using the highest quality local ingredients that nature has to offer and when their flavours are at their pinnacle.  With Spring upon us you can try an intriguing gin that has included botanicals like gorse flowers, dandelion and nettles. The summer gin uses rose petals, elderflower and wild mint, ideal for quenching your thirst if the sun makes an appearance this June. Autumn includes blackberries, hawthorn, rowanberries and rosehips, while the Winter gin uses elderberries, hawthorn berries and spices like clove and nutmeg, making it a perfect drink choice for this Christmas. Each of the gins comes in at 46% ABV.


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Visit Dingle Distillery if you want to learn more about their gin, whiskey and vodkas or to book a Distillery tour.


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