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Fancy a dining experience like no other? From the 6th to the 13th November, The National Council for the Blind and the Restaurants Association of Ireland will play host to an estimated 8,000 blindfolded diners in more than 200 restaurants across the country. With all funds raised going to the NCB, this promises to be a unique event which will see diners being forced to rely on their other senses: hearing, touch, smell and taste. As we all know, our appetites can be piqued by an aesthetically pleasing dish, but rarely do we get the opportunity to let our other senses take over completely.


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The loss of one sense is known to heighten the others, so be prepared to encounter familiar flavours, but experience them in a whole new way. The joy in discovering the ingredients of each bite through flavour, texture and aroma alone, coupled with the inability to look at your smartphone all night, will make this a one of a kind event. If all of this, plus the fact that the event is in aid of a fantastically worthy cause isn’t enough to encourage you to get involved, then bear in mind that recent research suggests that eating in the dark can aid weight loss….and will help with the electricity bill.


For more details, see http://dineinthedark.ie/

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