By Charlotte Okonji

Today, 10th of October, is National Angel Food Cake Day. This particular sweet treat, which is more of a Stateside staple than an old Irish favourite, is so-called because being made without butter means it has a light and fluffy texture, said to be reminiscent of the “food of the angels”. Hopefully none of us will be getting familiar with the menu in the Great Hereafter anytime soon, but in the meantime, check out these places for more Earthly pleasures, which are definitely leaning towards the devilish side of the taste spectrum.


Sweet Republic, Bachelors Walk

Angel day- sweet republic2Billed as the place where your “sweet dreams come true”, this Bachelors Walk bakery and cafe is a dentist’s worst nightmare, serving up sinfully decadent treats such as Reeses waffle sambo’s, pancakes stacked with Kinder Bueno and Ferrero Rocher, and Extreme Milkshakes, which have to be seen to be believed. Not for the faint hearted!


Queen of Tarts, Dame Street

angel food queen tartsFor what seems like donkey’s years now, well, seventeen to be precise, this Dame Street café has been tempting Dubliners away from their skinny lattes and granola bars with their freshly baked breads, mouth-watering pies and Belgian chocolate coated goodies. Why stop at just one slice when you can get your hands on a whole New York Raspberry Cheesecake for just  ‎24.95, and share it with 9 of your best (imaginary) friends?


Lemon Crepe & Coffee Co, Dawson street


We have the French to thank for crepes, and the Italians to thank for Nutella, but who is the genius that we need to thank for combining the two at breakfast time?! If posh pancakes aren’t your thing, think again and indulge in a Grand Marnier Crepe Suzette. This retro dessert is the perfect way to get your early morning sugar fix, as well as allowing you to get covertly tipsy before 10 am, without the word “rehab” passing the lips of your fellow diners.


Gino’s Gelato, Grafton Street

angel day ginos3Ah…those hazy days of summer, where many a glorious sunny afternoon was spent wandering through the streets of Dublin 2, listening to birdsong, the hum of bees and the sweet sound of children singing; the smell of freshly cut grass and delicate blooms overwhelming your olfactory senses, and your taste buds tantalised by a sweet, rich ice cream” …said no one ever. Thankfully, there is no law saying we can’t enjoy a scoop or two (of ice cream) at any time of the year, regardless of the weather. Gino’s branches, in various locations of the city, all have one thing in common: the heavenly smell emanating from their goodies counter. Too cold for you to do your shopping with an ice cream in hand? Well, Gino’s also do .5 litre and 1 litre take home containers, in the unlikely event that you feel like sharing.


Vintage Cocktail Club, Crown Alley


Yes, you enjoy quaffing aged whiskey cocktails while pretending to be a sophisticated grown up, but you have also been known to ignore the strawberries on skewers, and dip your arm up to the elbow into the chocolate fondue fountain. If this sounds familiar, then perhaps an evening at the Vintage Cocktail Club is long overdue. Try a Scottish Cranachan, a traditional dessert made of whipped cream, honey, whiskey, raspberries and toasted oats, washed down with a “Cobblestone”, a combination of Irish Whiskey, Apricot Brandy and Green Chartreuse. They taste good, look good, and between the two of them, your “5-a-day-fruit-and-veg” is covered. I mean, Apricot Brandy and Green Chartreuse count, right?!


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