Today, November the 18th, Dublin based band Oddsocks release their highly anticipated and progressive new album, The Sound Of The City. Featuring funk-pop & soul performances, and the strong influence of producer Rian Trench (Solar Bears), this record portrays a defined new direction for the band. Synth-lead, groove driven tracks dominate the album while brass sounds and the soulful moods of Oddsocks’ multiple vocalists colour each track. Ahead of the launch, the band’s Anthony Mannion sat down with MenuPages to discuss his food favourites and foes, as well as why Sligo could be the next top foodie destination.


My first food memory?

Food was always a great thing in our house growing up, plenty of fresh fish and then the classic roast chicken on Sunday afternoon. Early memories would be being sent off to school with banana sandwiches or ham sandwiches packed into those tiny lunch boxes. Simpler times!

Best local area for restaurants?

I’m currently living in Dublin 7, and its pretty good for food at the moment. It has a nice mix of coffee shops: Lilliput Stores, Slice, Cowtown Cafe and Love Supreme. On the restaurant side of things you have Mulligans Grocers, Wuff and My Meat Wagon where they serve their chips in small shopping trolleys… classic Dublin 7!

Stoneybatter's Slice

Stoneybatter’s Slice

Most recent enjoyable dining experience?

A few of us recently went to Kim Chi for lunch, where we had some amazing sushi and a nice mix of Korean and Japanese food. It certainly set us up for the session. Definitely try their specialty dish Beef Bulgogi. Its an absolute peach of a lunch.

Most visited restaurant?

I go to Terra Madre the most. It has such a great atmosphere even though it’s quite small but the service and quality of food is fantastic. They serve some of the tastiest Italian red wine as well so never a dull night!

Favourite celebrity chef?

At the moment it has to be Action Bronson.

Favourite Food TV programme? 

F*ck, That’s Delicious. It follows former chef and current rapper Action Bronson and his friends as they travel to various food spots around major cities, and smaller rural places. The episode in Barcelona is very cool for obvious reasons.

The restaurant I would recommend to a visitor to your home city/town? 

I hail from Sligo which at the moment has some great places to eat during the day and evening. If arriving for lunch, I would go straight to Sweet Beat Café where they promote local, raw and plant based food and juices. It also has epic tunes on all the time. For an evening meal I would make sure to check out Knox. They do a wicked tapas menu at the moment as well. Always a great night in there!

Sligo's Sweet Beat Cafe

Sligo’s Sweet Beat Cafe

Restaurant/Café hidden gem?

Aobaba on Capel Street has the best Vietnamese Pho in Dublin hands down. They serve a lot of other street food style dishes from Vietnam too.

The food I dislike the most?

Pineapple , mushrooms and peas – that is all.

Favourite for weekend brunch?

If we are lucky enough to have a weekend off or are about for brunch on a Sunday,Whitefriars Grill is a pretty good shout if you can get in. Lobster Hash and some banging tunes will sort you right out, without a doubt!

Favourite healthy meal?

A trip to Umi makes me feel healthy, who needs things like snack boxes!

Umi Falafel

Umi Falafel

My guilty pleasure?

A snack box, or some chicken goujons. Having rated most chicken based boxes in the country we know the best ones at this stage, but that will remain a secret for now!

The meal I make to impress my friends?

I do enjoy cooking for people and I tend to do some kind of baked fish dish. A rainbow trout or fresh haddock usually goes down quite well. It would be served with some fresh greens and maybe some kind of sauce. I used to be a saucier, I specialise in sauces.

Favourite food brand?

I wouldn’t really have a favourite food brand. I do get a good laugh out of Marco Pierre White and his Knorr stock ads. If I was a famous chef like Marco I would hope to be doing those kind of ads, except promoting my own brand of sauce

If I owned a restaurant I would name it?

Absatroutly Delicious

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