Deliveroo is partnering with KFC in Dublin to bring home that Southern fried goodness


Kentucky Fried Chicken-KFC-Chicken-Chips-Deliveroo-Zinger-colonel Saunders


Deliveroo, the on-demand food delivery service, has partnered with KFC so Dubliners can now satisfy their Kentucky fried-cravings and get it delivered right to your door.

Locals will now be able to order from KFC in Parnell Street, which will serve a radius including Dublin 1 & 2. Deliveroo customers will be able to select from KFC’s regular menu which includes its famous Zinger, buckets and original fried chicken.

Zinger-KFC-Chicken-Southern Fried Chicken-Deliveroo

A spokesperson at Deliveroo said: “We’ve seen a huge appetite for KFC amongst our Deliveroo customers, and we’re excited that we can now offer residents delicious chicken straight to their doors, desks or even the park (weather permitting) in 30 minutes!”

Residents can now use the Deliveroo site or app to order their food from KFC, which will be delivered to your door by Deliveroo riders within 30 minutes.

To download the Deliveroo app visit the app store on an iPhone or Android device.

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