While I’m almost sure that most millennial food trends have stemmed from how Instagrammable your dish is, you can’t deny that some of these trends really do look delicious. From sugary treats like rainbow bagels to the hearty Buddha bowl, some believe these trends to be imaginative, others believe that they’re overrated. It’s up to you to decide!

Freak Shakes

Salted Caramel Freakshake Millennial Food Trends

Only the most hardcore dessert lovers can handle what has been dubbed the ‘Freak-Shake’. If you thought a milkshake was filling enough, now you can get your milkshake topped with everything from pretzels, peanut butter cups, doughnuts and cupcakes. Dublin’s own Sweet Republic have a fantastic selection of freak-shakes if you think you’re brave enough to take one on!

Gourmet Donuts

Gourmet Donuts Millennial Food Trends

In the last couple of years, there has been a major influx of doughnut shops around Dublin and other Irish cities. But these aren’t your average doughnuts; These bad boys are usually stuffed with delicious flavours like Oreo, Nutella, peanut butter, cream cheese and Kinder Beuno!


Avocado Toast Millennial Food Trend

The humble avocado is becoming a symbol of millennialism. Cafe’s everywhere have incorporated the avocado into their menus to meet the demand. Remember when millennials were warned by a millionaire to stop buying avocado toast if we want to own a property? While I’m not quite sure that that’s the reason millennials can’t buy houses, it’s a fact that we love avocados!


Kale Millennial Food Trend

It seems that millennial food trends hop from one extreme to the other. Millenials might enjoy the occasional sugar filled doughnut but they also love food with health benefits like kale, avocados and acai berries. Kale is a key ingredient in most millennials pre-gym green smoothies.

Bacon Desserts

Bacon Dessert Millennial Food Trend

Now, this is one trend I can get behind. Some of us love the combination of sweet and salty but some are taking it to another level! Everything from cupcakes to cannoli, the bacon for dessert trend is taking over Pinterest and Instagram and honestly, I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowl Millennial Food Trend

Often made with acai berry smoothies and even referred to as the acai bowl, smoothie bowls are basically the breakfast equivalent of the Buddha bowl; lots of healthy things thrown into a large bowl in an aesthetically pleasing manner. I don’t fully understand why it’s in a bowl but one thing’s for sure, it looks great.

Mason Jar Drinks


Whether it’s a hot chocolate, a gin and tonic or even your lunch, millennials love putting their food and drink into mason jars. While I’m not quite sure of the benefits regarding drinks, it’s a pretty nifty way to bring your lunch with you.

Rainbow Foods

Rainbow Food Bagel Millennial Food Trends

The Rainbow Bagel is just one example of the ‘Unicorn Food’ craze that has taken over Instagram in the last couple of years. While many love the idea of eating colourful food, I’m not fully convinced.

Buddha Bowl


Unlike the freak shake and the gourmet doughnut, the ‘Buddha Bowl’ is a much healthier millennial trend! These hearty dishes aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they’re super healthy. Made in a large bowl, a buddha bowl includes a variety of grains, veggies (raw or cooked), greens, protein (usually beans, meat or tofu) and a tasty dressing. You can play around with different combinations of flavour and ingredients to make your own unique buddha bowl.

Cloud Eggs
Cloud Eggs Millennial Food Trend

Possibly one of the most overrated millennial food trends, Cloud Eggs are made by whisking the egg whites before baking them. Again, it’s not that they taste particularly great but they’ll probably get you a bunch of likes on your Instagram.

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