If food is good for the soul, then coffee is good for pretty much everything else and the two together = Bliss!

These cafes put Starbucks to shame and are fighting the good fight in providing some of the best coffee & lunch options that Dublin has to offer!




Two boys brew

Two-boys-brew-coffee-cafe-dublin 7
















This trendy self-proclaimed ‘Neighbourhood Café’ is a Phibsboro hot spot for great coffee and even better food, located at 375 North Circular Road, Dublin 7, two boys brew offers an inviting and relaxed atmosphere with the added bonus of great quality coffee (3FE), and a low maintenance yet delicious menu. An absolute gem and a must visit for Phibsboro.


The White Moose Café

White-moose-cafe-phisboro-dublin 7-coffee-food-Irish












Easily one of Dublin’s most controversial café (if not THE most), frequently in the headlines for their (sometimes) unpopular shenanigans but for all that talk they can absolutely back it up with some top-notch food and always entertaining service! Well worth the detour if you find yourself in the area.


Parnell Street

147 Deli

147 Deli-Parnell Street-Dublin-Cafe-Coffee-Doughnuts















The diamond in the rough of Parnell Street 147 Deli is a popular favourite for anyone that works or frequents the area. Serving delicious and often inventive sandwiches (sticky BBQ chicken with a jalapeño & bacon crumb mac ‘n’ cheese topped with pickled red cabbage in an onion bap), they are also vendors of the Dublin Doughnut company which are absolutely not to be missed!


King’s Inns St


Blas-Cafe-Irish-Dublin-Chocolate Factory

















Tucked away off Parnell Street, Blas café is a hipster’s dream located in the Chocolate Factory Studios sharing their space as a venue for several gigs and exhibitions that cultivates a creative and dynamic atmosphere to relish some great coffee and really tasty food. A great space for large groups with a well-lit New York loft vibe to enjoy.


Talbot Street

Laine, my love

Laine, my love-Dublin-Cafe-Coffee-Vegan-Vegetarian-Talbot Street













A (literal) hidden gem, located under the DART bridge at Connolly station on Talbot Street giving it a very metropolitan feel bang smack in the middle of inner city Dublin. Laine, my love is a breath of fresh air for the patrons of the area. Serving delicious coffee and a selection of fresh salads (that change daily) and baked goodies. They are well worth seeking out for a healthy lunch, quick coffee on the go or something more tempting (their banana bread….drool). A lot of vegetarian and vegan options available made fresh daily!




















Are located in The Glass House, Smithfield square and are one of the rare cafes that we’ve found to get the right mix of providing healthy food that is really tasty, which is no small feat! They offer a diverse menu to cover all basis from acai bowls for the health conscious to the likes of their irresistible slow roasted Asian pork belly with kim-chi. They’re also known for their great coffee that they roast themselves in house and they use supplied by Nordic Approach in Oslo.


North Great George’s Street

Colbalt Café

Cobalt Cafe-North George Street-Rotunda-Cafe-Dublin-Irish















Is a cosy well-kept secret situated opposite the Rotunda hospital on North Great George’s Street and fits in perfectly to its town house location. The entrance would give you the impression that your walking into a traditional Irish guest house, like taking a step back in time and that’s exactly the atmosphere your greeted with once inside. The café provides their guests with a genuine vintage experience, you feel as though you’ve been invited into someone’s living room. It’s gorgeous open space (Victorian style building, high ceilings and well-lit) a perfect spot for a study break or to escape the busy city centre. The food is simple, honest and tasty, and the staff are super friendly and welcoming.



Aungier Street


Network-Aungier Street-Cafe-Coffee-

















A popular spot for many students and people employed in the area, it has fast become one of Aungier streets most popular watering holes for the caffeine addicted. They service a range of different coffee beans to ensure they cater to all palettes (such as 3FE and Caravan Roastery). The café itself is bright and area with a contemporary feel with loads of natural light and simple chic designs. The staff are well-trained, very friendly and super accommodating for all your caffeine needs.


The Bald Barista

Bald Barista-Cafe-Aungier Street-Dublin-Cafe-FIXX Coffee
















An oldie but a goodie, some things are a classic for a reason. The Bald Barista has been in business for years and has had their ups and downs (going from 3 cafes to 1 in the last few years) but are still ploughing on in their location on Aungier Street. The Bald Barista himself Buzz is hell bent on providing his customers with amazing coffee and believes they should never settle for any less, and we happen to agree! The café gives a relaxed and laid-back bohemian vibe perfect for a chilled-out coffee break or a quiet study area, the perfect hide-away from the cities hustle and bustle.

This café is an institution of the Dublin café scene.


Tara Street

Shoe Lane

Shoe Lane-Cafe-artisan-coffee-diary free-alternative-Dublin













Don’t blink or you might miss it, Shoe Lane is an adorable little artisan coffee shop located on Tara Street (2 minutes from the DART station). They serve amazing coffee from Full circle and up to 5 diary free alternatives for anyone with allergies/intolerances (oat, soy, almond, coconut and hemp). The café itself is beautifully decorated and most of all cosy, you could easily spend hours in this little haven watching the world go by! This is a must for anyone that frequents the area, or well worth a stroll along the quays for a well-deserved treat!
















This amazing little spot is located between Rathmines and Rathgar village and is an absolute triumph for the area. With great coffee and seriously good food this is not one to be missed! The décor is chic and minimalist as is the menu, with only a handful of options that are subject to change based purely on seasonality. The chef here is focused on championing every ingredient on his menu to its full potential, they put a huge emphasis on sourcing fresh, Irish and organic produce where possible.


Harold’s cross

Five points

Five points-harold's cross-Dublin-Cafe

















Easily one of the best coffees in Dublin city in our book! They have completely nailed the feat of becoming the ultimate neighbourhood café for the area, the clever name ‘five points’ indicating its location of the meeting point between Kimmage, Terenure, Rathgar, Rathmines and Harold’s Cross. The menu is simple, striped back and original, they have limited options but you couldn’t ask for more. (Their ricotta fruit loaf is insane!) Definitely worth a pit stop on your travels!


Camden Street

Meet me in the morning

Meet me in the morning-Dublin-Cafe-Coffee-Camden Street
















Voted – best cafe in Dublin this year’s Irish Restaurant Awards, and it couldn’t have been more well deserved in our opinion! Every time I visit this place I love it more, it’s like re-watching your favourite movie and finding some new detail that you hadn’t noticed before and falling even deeper in love. This is THE BEST BRUNCH in Dublin, I said it! The food is disarmingly good, it hits all the right notes for me – seasonal, simple, clean, perfect portion size, seriously good (Irish) ingredients with a somewhat healthy with no sacrifice on flavour. Meet me in the morning is the perfect café for people that want to enjoy good food, good coffee and good people, it’s a place for socialising. There’s no Wi-Fi for customers, as the owner states himself Brian O Keeffe “I wanted this café to be a social place, not a place for laptops.”

You NEED to try this place!


Clanbrassil Street

Galliot et Grey


















Although Galliot et Grey is well known pizzeria with an emphasis on a more French influence, but is a lesser known bakery that serves seriously good coffee. While their pizza is good enough to warrant its own article that’s for another day, were here to talk cafes. With freshly baked bread and pastries every morning and top-notch coffee a little piece of France has well and truly landed in Dublin 8 and we couldn’t be happier about it!


Let us know what your favourite cafes are in Dublin or if we’ve left anyone out!


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