Need some inspiration for your Halloween costume this year? Why not go for something that we all know and love? FOOD!

We’ve put together the most weird and wonderful food costumes out there to get your creative juices flowing for Halloween this year (or to just get your tummy rumbling, either way is good!)



Mackerelmore-food costume-ideas-diy-fun

This ode to Macklemore is sure to hit all the right notes, and for only ’99 cents’ (disclaimer – were not actually sure how much this would cost to make but it is deadly none the less!).


Pineapple-costume-funky-diy-simple-costume ideas

Why not try out this super simple and funky pineapple look? All you need is a cute little yellow dress and the headband (for a tutorial on how to make the headband click here)

Better again this look could be turned into a (potentially controversial) couple’s costume by the addition of a pizza with your significant other (or cat we don’t judge), as for the question of pineapple belonging on pizza in the first place is up to you!




Couples costumes-oreo-diy-halloween

This D.I.Y costume can be used a costume on your own or go all out as a double-stuffed-disgustingly-cute-couples-Oreo, or you could even team up with a tall glass of milk!



For the person that loves social boundaries and no one invading their personal space, grapes is the perfect costume for you. Anyone gets too close you have the potential of a popped balloon to scare them off!



This may be an avocad-NO for some people but for us its EVERYTHING, what other holiday are you going to the opportunity to parade around your bare naked beer belly? #loveyourbody



Ok so this definitely is not the most practical of costumes but we love it all the same! Super easy to make, perfect for a last minute job or if you ant an excuse to order people to get you things all night with the loss of your arms, win win!

Asparagus & Captain Kale

vegan-captain kale-asparagus-costume-DIY-halloween

Greens are good for iron, vitamin C, calcium and make for some bad ass Halloween costumes, simple to make and you can be pretty much guaranteed that no one else at the party is going to have the same outfit on!

Gluten-Free bread

gluten free bread-costume-halloween-diy-ideas

For all the coeliacs and gluten intolerant folks out there, you know what were talking about! Simple, inexpensive and effective this is sure to turn heads sweaty

Ginger Bread Man

ginger bread man-halloween-diy-funny-costume-ideas

For all you red heads out there with an ironic sense of humour, this SUPER simple costume will be sure to make you the belle of the ball at any Halloween party!

Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict-Halloween-diy-costume-ideas

This one is simple and hilarious! All you need is a bed sheet and a print out of Benedict’s face to wear as a mask and your set! (we’d also like to draw your attention to the fact that the egg is in fact standing in a frying pan, that’s attention to detail folks!)


ice cream costume-costume-ideas-halloween

Because who doesn’t love ice cream? Really easy to make all you need is a pretty white dress and add some coloured paper stripes and the cone headband (to find out how to make a cone headband, click here)

Lactose Intolerant

lactose intolerent-costume-idea-halloween

For anyone supporting the plight of the dairy intolerant this could be the ideal costume for you!

Chef & Lobster

Chef-lobster baby-costume-ideas-halloween

This has to be the cutest combination we found, the Swedish (hurdy gurdy) chef from the muppets and the cutest little lobster you ever did see! This would make a great daddy and baby costume and we’d love to to see it being done!

Dog Martini – Pupitini

dog martini-halloween-ideas-costume

Turn that doggos frown upside by jazzing up their cone this Halloween, by the addition of some olives and a cocktail stick.

Abraham Drinking

Abraham drinking-costumes-diy-halloween-ideas

For anyone feeling particularly Patriotic (or sympathetic towards America) this year perhaps Abraham Drinking is the man for you, simple to make a customisable to fit your alcoholic needs.


Let us know what you think of our weird and wonderful list of food related Halloween costumes or any ideas you have yourself! grinning-face-with-smiling-eyes


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