As it nears closer to the weekend our healthy eating standards can start to go out the window, especially when co-workers tempt your will power with tasty home baked goods, office birthdays (resulting in cakes) or a communal snack drawer/press/cabinet. Whatever your poison we’ve come up with a few tips to help you get through your junk  food cravings.


Pack lunch


Bring a small treat with you, it doesn’t have to be the healthiest lunch in the world but it’s a good habit to get into so that you can at least guilt yourself into passing up what ever sugary offering is going on at work knowing that you’ll be wasting food and money if you don’t eat it.


Track your food intake


Keep a food journal, for those of you who love stationary this is a great way to indulge in organising your daily diet. For those of us that don’t want to be carrying round a book all day theres so many food tracking apps available to help you keep score on your daily intake such as MyFitnessPal, LoseIt and the aptly name FatSecret.


Forewarned is forearmed


If your office has a calendar of colleagues birthdays and other celebrations is may be a good idea to make note of them and make sure you have something delicious with you that day to avoid all the inevitable temptations.


Bring Healthy Snacks

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Why not try making some of your delicious healthy snacks and sharing them with the office? It could warm some of your fellow co-workers up to the idea of eating a little healthier and they might even return the favour, or at the very least be a little more understanding of your ongoing plight!


Keep an emergency stash


If you have your own desk it might be a good idea for you to stock up on some healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts, so that you’re well prepped for when those sugar cravings kick in.


Eat a big breakfast


The rule for me is I can eat as much as I want for breakfast because you tend to work it off as the day goes on and curbs your appetite for the rest of the day. A big bowl of porridge, some eggs and avocado toast or even a jam packed smoothie can put you on the right track to managing your cravings.


Get everyone on board

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Theres a lot of fruit delivery companies in Dublin that your work place can team up with that delivery (as you might have guessed) fresh fruit and vegetables all around Dublin as frequently as required such as The Fruit People and Nudie Foods. Could be worth mentioning it to management as it’s a great way to get employees to eat healthier and you’d be surprised the effect fresh food can have on staff morale.


The 5 and 2


Another incentive you can give yourself is that if you get through the week of avoiding all temptations in work reward yourself at the weekend with some of your repressed cravings. Using the 5 and 2 diet logic (but adapting it) to eating healthy 5 days of the week then taking the 2 days of the weekend to go wild! Besides everything is ok in moderation….right?sweaty


Let us know if you have any healthy office eating tips of your own we’d love to hear them! #struggleisreal

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