How many times have we bought something, forgotten about, remembered it’s sitting in the fridge only to find out that it expired two days ago? Not only is it disheartening, it’s a waste of resources and money.

Well, a young Masters student in Capetown’s UCT has developed a mobile app that could have massive positive benefits in terms of food sustainability. Maryjane Mokgethi’s app is called Bagzielicious and its purpose is to help you to track the expiry date on your perishable food items, ultimately limiting the amount of food that we waste. The app is currently still in the development process, but she hopes to launch it early next year.

On article quotes Mokgethi; “The system is focused on developed countries in particular, where food waste is more prevalent,” Mokgethi said. “The intention is to create awareness around food waste and to change consumer behaviour. Some people are not conscious of food waste, and we hope to change this.

“Many people are socially conscious, but with busy schedules and modern life, their behaviour and purchasing patterns lead to waste,” she said.


Mokgethi and her dedicated teammates, Bridget Fundikwa and Wadzanani Nyabeze, are doing something really great in an age were people in the Western world are extremely wasteful when it comes to food. Their idea has already won a global competition and the trio have flown to New York to present their food waste solution during the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit.

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