Food pet peeves

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We all have at least one pet peeve when it comes to food whether its someone presenting you with an anemic cup of tea, people scratching their cutlery on plates or uncovered food left in the fridge for God knows how long. So we’ve put together a list our of top food pet peeves.


People touching your food, with no warning

People touching or taking your food with no warning, like no Sharon, this is mine, your fingers are not welcome here, I don’t know where your hands have been!


Someone that’s always on their phone

attention me

Like seriously I didn’t invite you here to look at your hairline!

People talking or chewing with their mouth open


Loud chewing

*Shivers in disgust. There’s actually a name for a fear of people chewing loudly it’s called misophonia and can be also be related to eating ,lip smacking or related to repetitive sounds like breathing or pen-clicking loudly

Cold fruit or vegetables

cold fruit

Like why? It’s like biting into an ice cube, who enjoys this?!

Burnt popcorn


It’s the smell of disappointment and humiliation

Someone trying to take the first bite of your food

touch my food

People trying to try my food or drink before I do, that is not ok and I have every right to resort to name calling and possibly violence!

Food in the drain, got us like:

touch food

People not fully clearing their plates before putting them in the sink and you end up with a tiny mountain of leftover gunk that no longer even resembles food.



Marzipan. Just hate it, what is it? What is your purpose? No.

The Critic

Someone telling me that what I either am or am about to it looks/smells weird to them. Like really? Why did now seem like the opportune moment for you to share that information with me?

That one person that doesn’t order food but eats yours!

share food

When you’re ordering food and you ask everyone do they want food and they say no, then it arrives and they are all over it. JUST ORDER SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF!

Dining out with a picky eater


The stress/embarrassment levels are a little too real in this situation.


Serial Instagrammers


Everyone at the table Instagram-ming the minute the minute the food is placed in front of them and you’re left looking at this:

Dirty Microwave


When someone clearly has microwaved something to the point of explosion and just leaves it there filthy for the next person to have to deal with!


Let us know you food pet peeves! We’d love to hear them grinning-face-with-smiling-eyes

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