My first food memory?

The enormous breakfast range of dishes available in Kelly’s Strand Hotel, Wexford. We were brought there when I was 12 years old, and I remember tasting freshly smoked kippers for the first time for breakfast.

Best local area for restaurants?

I live close to a string of really great restaurants in D4. So I would have to pick there. Two of them have just been listed in the Michelin book.

Most recent dining experience?

The fresh fish I cooked for myself, which I brought back from Meylers, fish Merchant, after recently attending the Wexford Opera Festival.

Most visited restaurant?

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Juniors on Bath Avenue. I love the simple but tasty food that Dave creates there and the staff; Miranda, Lloyd and David are just fantastic fun.

Favourite Celebrity Chef?

Jamie Oliver, for his robust and easy to follow recipes. And for encouraging change in what we think is healthy to eat for school children.

Favourite TV Food programme?

Come Dine With Me. I know, stop judging me. But I love the way most of the contestants are encouraged to talk behind each other’s backs!

The restaurant I would recommend to a visitor to your hometown?


Restaurants are an act of theatre. So The Trocadero restaurant have been happily feeding the theatrical community of Dublin for many years. Robert is a gentleman. He has time for all of his customers, making every visitor to ‘The Troc’ feel special and like a star!

Restaurant/Café hidden gem?

Established Coffee in Belfast. I just discovered it recently. They have passion for serving great coffee. The ritual in the making is quite something to behold.

Favourite Bar/Pub?

There are so many great bars in Dublin. It would depend on what atmosphere you want. I like Slattery’s in Beggars Bush, as you never can tell just what might happen next.

The food I dislike the most?


Your favourite weekend brunch?


Scrambled eggs, made in the Darina Allen way. No milk added and butter stirred in throughout the cook process. Careful not to overwork the eggs in the cooking.

Your favourite healthy meal?

My morning (nutribullet) juice. Which is like a meal in itself. Spinach, apple, ginger, celery and berries.

Your Guilty pleasure?

Chocolate of any kind.

The meal I make to impress my friends?

Lobster Thermidor, the French way.

Your favourite food brand?

I have just rediscovered Marmite!

If I owned a restaurant I would name it:

A Miracle.


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