My first food memory?

Rolled up homemade pancakes filled with jam that we ate with our hands. I think the memory comes from a photograph; myself and my twin sister were very young, and had to be propped up against the wall to eat the pancakes.

Best local area for restaurants?

I live in Dublin 8, but I tend to end up in town when I’m eating out. Also Stoneybatter/Smithfield has a few nice places to eat. Mulligan’s Grocer in Stoneybatter has amazing jenga chips.

Most recent enjoyable dining experience?


All rights reserved

I went to San Lorenzo’s last week for the first time. The food was delicious, lovely minimal lighting and cosy seating.

Most visited restaurant?

Musashi on Capel St. It’s BYOB and they also have a great veggie bento box deal for lunch. It’s also very close to Project Arts Centre, where I tend to be most of the time!

Favourite celebrity chef?

I don’t really have one. I suppose that grumpy English one that swears all the time is mildy entertaining.

Favourite Food TV programme?

I don’t have telly BUT I do find myself watching food programmes when I’m on tour in a hotel bed with a remote.

The restaurant I would recommend to a visitor to your home city/town?


The 777 on Sth Great Georges St./ All rights reserved

777 on Sth Great Georges St is loud and fun with excellently strong margaritas and authentic Mexican food.

Skinflint is also good – the pizzas are named after old ladies and they have a good thin crust and interesting toppings. The dining tables are made from old doors.

Restaurant/café hidden gem?

Fumbally Café, Dublin 8. Warm atmosphere and great food/coffee.

Favourite Bar/Pub?

Pub: My local is The Royal Oak in Kilmainham. Best pint of Guinness in Dublin. And the best hidden snug down the back. It opens at 5pm every day. Ryan’s on Parkgate St is also a favourite.

Bar/Café: Café Italiano in Temple Bar has a wonderful cheese+honey board and yummy Aperol Spritzes.

The food I dislike the most?

I don’t get cucumbers. Such a heavy green thing for so little taste. And similarly, green peppers – since I was a child I left them on the side of my plate (and we weren’t allowed to leave a thing on our plates!)

Favourite for weekend brunch?


Eden Bar&Grill  is a good Sunday brunch place. Long tables, bloody Marys. Odessa also does a good American style breakfast.

Favourite healthy meal?

I make a tasty Philippine mung bean dish with coconut milk, chillies, ginger and greens. It’s from the Moosewood Vegetarian Cookbook (stolen from my mother!)

My guilty pleasure?

The hot chocolate in Brother Hubbard. They give you three different chocolate compartments that you mix together yourself. Worth it even if you don’t like chocolate.

AND cupcakes. Any kind of cupcakes. I’ve started making them at home which is dangerous.

The meal I make to impress my friends?


Café Paradiso./ All rights reserved

Glazed butternut squash with avocado lime salsa and grilled polenta. It’s a slightly altered recipe from Café Paradiso, the best vegetarian restaurant in Ireland. I ate there two days in a row when I was in Cork!

Favourite food brand?

I like Meridan’s products, especially the peanut butter. I’ve been buying organic veggie+fruit boxes from Green Earth Organics – it’s great value for delicious dirty carrots and they deliver to your door!

If I owned a restaurant I would name it?

The Dance Café.

The family have been imagining it for 20 years. My mother would be the chef (she’s a fantastic vegetarian cook). All the waiters would be trained dancers, and perform different styles of dance as they serve the tables. So hilarious and cheesy.


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