Veronika Byrne is the innovative word-smith behind one the nation’s best loved restaurant groups. In the first instalment of our latest feature ‘My Job & I’, Veronika tells us about her role as Digital Marketing & Social Media manager for Fade Street Social, Rustic Stone, Taste at Rustic & BrasserieSixty6.

Do you remember your job interview?
Yes, I remember (it was only about 9 months ago)! It was more nerve wrecking than any other interview I’ve done before, because I really wanted to get this job.

The first thing you do when you get to work is?

I look after all the social media for 4 restaurants and 2 bars,  so the first thing I do is catch up on any messages, mentions and emails that I’ve missed.
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The best thing about working in digital marketing/social media is?
Being creative! I love coming up with new ideas for content that our audiences can engage with. I also really enjoy photographing new dishes and cocktails, plus I get to taste some delicious food while on shoot &#X1f609
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Tell us about your dress code and if informal where do you normally shop for work attire? 

The dress code I would say is an ‘office appropriate’. I love the highstreet shops like Zara, H&M or Mango, but you also can’t beat a bargain from Penneys.
The Toughest aspect of your job is?
Social media NEVER sleeps…! As social media manager, I work around the clock. Customers don’t stop commenting or posting on our social media pages once I leave my desk. And a social media crisis can occur at any hour of the day – regardless of my personal schedule.
The biggest influence on your career so far is?
I started my blog couple of years ago ( and it has got me really interested in social media/photography on a professional level which eventually lead me to my current career.

When you were a kid what did you want to be ……?

It used to change a lot, but I do recall dreaming about becoming a president… I was fascinated with politics for some reason (until the age of 8)!

What would be your dream job be if you weren’t doing what you do now?
As cheesy as it sounds, I think I have my dream job…
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All rights reserved

How do you relax when you are not working?
I love cooking and trying new recipes, photography, blogging and most importantly I spend some quality time with my family.
The place yourself and colleagues go to let your hair down after a hard week’s work?
We usually start with few cocktails in the Winter Garden at Fade Street Social. After that it can be anywhere from 37, Izakaya or Lillie’s…

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