Zoe Hertelendi is the linchpin of one of the latest Dublin restaurant success stories, Platform 61.  Since opening last year P61 on South William St has become a firm favourite with Menupages members. In the second instalment of ‘My Job & I’,  Zoe tells us what it like juggling jobs for a huge fashion brand and managing a busy restaurant with her husband and chef Sino.

Do you remember your job interview?

Well there was no interview process as such… I’m double jobbing at the moment. My Monday to Friday daytime job is Ted Baker, a quirky global and also my favourite fashion brand in the world. I’ve been with Ted for over ten years and for the last four years a country manager for Ireland and Northern Ireland. Evenings and weekends are dedicated to my other passion in life, food. My husband and I opened Platform 61 six months ago. He is a chef and has been working in the industry for 15 years. He is super passionate about cooking, and is in the kitchen it 24/7, in the restaurant and at home. He’s always researching, trying out new things and experimenting whereas even though I adore great healthy food, I can’t cook to save my life haha.

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The first thing you do when you get to work is?

My day always starts with a brief with our manager and the team. Communication between the team on the floor, delegation of responsibilities, communication with the kitchen and most importantly the lifting the energy levels of the team, creating a fun atmosphere and a great mood, that’s what it’s all about!

The best thing about working in Platform 61 is?

People, people and people! Our customers are so lovely and engaging and our team is just amazing! Every single person has a different trait and they all come together to make a great team. Our manager Viktor is amazingly organised and keeps us in line, likes everything nice and to his standard (he’s not going to like this haha), Matthew is the funniest person to be around, always up to something hilarious, Molly is just an amazing young bright woman and very mature for her age. And the rest of the team is just a great bunch of people to be around; we are like a dysfunctional family, but that’s the best kind! I think our customers are picking up on that too and love the fun relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant.

Platform 61

Platform 61

Tell us about your dress code and if informal where do you normally shop for work attire?

Obviously with my fashion background and my Ted Baker connection, our dress code is smart casual and mostly Ted :-)

The toughest aspect of your job is?

Running around in heels for 14 hours a day haha. Helps the posture but it’s tough alright!

The biggest influence on your career so far is?

Definitely my dad. He’s always said to me: ‘Always ask yourself at the end of the day, What have I achieved today, how have I influenced other people?’. He’s very inspirational and the most dedicated and driven person in the world, always on the go and even at the age of 70 he just can’t stand still.

When you were a kid what did you want to be ……?

I really wanted to be a singer but I was not blessed with music talent so after a short childhood career I decided it give it up at the age of 6 haha.

What would be your dream job be if you weren’t doing what you do now?

I want to grow the company and I’m very passionate about healthy eating so my dream job would be creating healthy foods, travelling around the world, educating people about healthy eating habits, discovering new things and just having fun. 

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How do you do to relax when you are not working?

I love doing anti-gravity yoga to relax. It’s just the best stretch and the best exercise you can get and absolutely amazing for your body and soul. I also try to catch up with my friends as much as I can, they are incredible and totally nuts. I love spending time with them.

The place yourself and colleagues go to let your hair down after a hard week’s work?

Since we’re still so new, the novelty of P61 hasn’t worn off yet, so we just love chilling there, even on nights off. Fridays and Saturday nights are great fun as we have DJs in, the guys from Groovement Soul play with us a lot. We’ve had some great nights there and being so central, we always get such interesting people in, like for example a couple of weeks ago the Game of Thrones crew came in and we ended up having an epic time!

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 You can visit Zoe and her team at Platform 61 by clicking below;



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