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Electronic artist Moossmann, is featured on the latest compilation by Dublin label Furtive. They’re holding an EP launch party in Crowbar, Temple Bar on Sunday, 15th May.

In the mean time, here’s some great tips from Moossmann on casual dining in Dublin!

My first food memory?

So-called “Finger Foods” are my first food memory. My grandmother would make these little fruit/cheese snacks, a cocktail stick with a cube of cheddar and grapes or orange segments. They were so much fun!

Best local area for restaurants?

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Upper Baggot Street is amazing for restaurants – there’s such an amazing variety. Between places like Kanum and Kerala Kitchen and Zakura offering all things oriental, and Tolteca (a staple of mine) offering the best in mexican. There’s also Keshk, Millers, Milano.. Aside from all the restaurants, there’s the Irish village market right on the canal!

Most recent enjoyable dining experience?

Yamamori Sushi (beside the Ha’Penny bridge) is always good. We usually sit outside in their heated beer-garden (shared with Yamamori Tengu). They do these big platters of mixed sushi for two – absolutely delicious. They also have the best “background” music in Dublin – really chilled out electronic stuff.

Most visited restaurant?

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I eat a lot in burrito places – I usually visit one twice a week. Boojum is really good – I had a burrito in their Belfast branch years and years ago before they started popping up here. I also really like Tolteca – especially the Baggot Street outlet.

Favourite celebrity chef?

Gordon Ramsay. I’ve never had the pleasure of eating his food – but he certainly seems to know his stuff. He does these “how to cook” segments on YouTube, things like “how to properly cut a pepper”, which I’ve found to be really useful!

Favourite Food TV programme?

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I watch a lot of “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” in my spare time. That show is so entertaining. They visit restaurants where business is down and try to turn it around. It’s great to see them revisit places a year later and see if they’ve stuck with the changes.

The restaurant I would recommend to a visitor to your home city/town?

I would definitely recommend Bunsen Burger on Camden street. It’s a super-simple menu, hamburger, cheeseburger, fries… But so effective! It’s like a gourmet McDonalds – which is a really interesting concept!

Restaurant/café hidden gem?

There’s a little place near Bad Bobs called “The Joy of Cha” that a friend introduced me to – definitely a hidden gem. So many types of tea from around the world, a decent coffee, and a tiny garden at the back. They do a “bad weather tea” that works wonders for a sore throat.

The food I dislike the most?

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I really don’t like “fancy” cheese. I say fancy – what I really mean to say is anything but, Cheddar, Gouda and Edam. That’s an exaggeration – I like other types of cheeses. But I find most “smelly” cheeses really unappetising.

Favourite for weekend brunch?

I like getting breakfast in a place called “Mes Amis” on Upper Abbey Street. It’s a “greasy spoon” sort of place – but a really tasty full breakfast for €8 and good coffee. They also do bagels and toasties, and offer gluten free!

Favourite healthy meal?

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I like a home-made chicken stir-fry when I’m feeling like I should be healthy. I crush garlic, chop ginger and onion and throw in mixed vegetables and a diced chicken fillet. Incredibly tasty for a healthy meal – just be careful to watch the soy-sauce quantities.

My guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure will always be an american-style pizza. I’m happy to have an Italian-base anytime as part of a “balanced diet”, but something like Dominos is always a guilty pleasure once in a while. I also love Pizza Hut – those cheese-stuffed crusts are outrageous – excellent for a seldom treat.

The meal I make to impress my friends?

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My girlfriend and I sometimes make home-made Sushi – always goes down a treat. You can get the Nori (seaweed) and sticky-rice in most supermarkets. Then it’s just a choice of fillings – we usually go for salmon, avocado and cucumber. And some ginger and wasabi on the side.

Favourite food brand?

Supervalu’s own-brand stuff. Especially their “natural ingredients” bacon. I think it’s a new thing, or maybe it’s been around for a while, but it’s bacon without any preservatives. Just pork and sea salt. It’s the best thing ever – because I always worry about eating processed meats.

If I owned a restaurant I would name it?

Mooss. Mooss-Meats? We wouldn’t actually serve moose or we might? I would try to focus on good music, the ambiance, the food – but totally steer clear of “cool” names. Maybe something Berlin-inspired. Berlin.

You can catch Moossmann, along with other electronic artists, at the EP launch party in Crowbar, Temple Bar on Sunday, 15th May.

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