Ahead of their second studio release, ‘A Year in Disappear’,  scheduled for later in 2016, the Viking Project bring their blend of harmony driven folk rock to the cosy surrounds of Whelan’s upstairs venue on Saturday  May 7th. They will be showcasing some brand new material and are joined by special guests, Arbours. Tickets are €8 at the door. Doors 8pm.

My first food memory?
I remember fishing on a family holiday on the river Shannon. I must have been about four. I caught a load of fish and was delighted thinking I had provided a feast for the entire family. Tuckered out after the day’s activities I was put down for a nap, assured by my parents that they would prepare the banquet. When I awoke I was treated to the most satisfying tinned tuna fish sandwich I would ever have, blissfully unaware (until recently) that the fish I caught were too small and long set free.
That and Rusks.
Best local area for restaurants?
Hard to say because I don’t eat out all that often, but any time I walk through Ranelagh I find myself making mental notes of places I must soon try out. Unfortunately I never seem to get to them though because I’m a sucker for chicken wings and Tribeca ends up getting my money.

Most recent enjoyable dining experience?
Gourmet Food Parlour in Dun Laoghaire. I’m a bit of a tapas rookie, always order way too much or not enough but here I finally found the balance. Very tasty, plenty of food and some really interesting combinations. Pretty nice inside too.


Gourmet Food Parlour/ All Rights Reserved

Most visited restaurant?

Pygmalion Café. I had a bit of a Salmon, Asparagus, Poached egg and Hollandaise sauce thing going on for a while there. Affordable and killer at any time of the day.
Favourite celebrity chef?

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. I think he has done so much to realign people with their sources of food and ignite an interest in doing it yourself.
Favourite Food TV programme?

River Cottage for the same reasons. It made me want to move to the south of England, grow veg, keep chickens and make cloudy cider. I pretty much tuned out after River Cottage.
The restaurant I would recommend to a visitor to your home city/town?

Guinea Pig in Dalkey. It’s full of charm and character. Exceptional food and service in a setting like your granny’s living room. I think pretty much any visitor would enjoy it. Hands down the best calamari around.


Guinea Pig in Dalkey./ All Rights Reserved

Restaurant/café hidden gem?
It’s not exactly hidden but absolutely a gem and I’m glad it’s there – Govindas. Mountains of food, cheap, and no surprises or tough menu choices. Sometimes you need just that.
The food I dislike the most?
There’s very little I don’t like but I’m not really a fan of chicken and broccoli bake. I like both chicken and broccoli, just not in that format. I don’t know what it is. (Sorry Ma!)
Favourite for weekend brunch?


Photos by Patrick Donald

Not on much of a culinary crusade with this one, but it’s a ham and cheese toastie, Coleman’s mustard and a pint of Guinness in Grogans. Gold.
Favourite healthy meal?
Chick pea and sweet potato burgers with mango and tomato salsa and salad. So good, I imagine somehow it’s bad.
My guilty pleasure?
A Snack box or Chicken wings in Louisiana hot sauce and blue cheese dip. Essentially fried chicken in all its forms.
The meal I make to impress my friends?

Close-up Of Thai Chicken Red Curry With Mixed Vegetables

All Rights Reserved

My friends would say I’ve never impressed them with food and they would most likely be right, but I think I make a pretty decent Thai Curry.
Favourite food brand?
I don’t really look out for any particular brands, but if I’m in a deli getting lunch and there’s a packet of Keogh’s crisps around – they’re getting snapped up.
If I owned a restaurant I would name it?
The Squirrels Nest


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