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Ken Harker is the head chef at the award-winning restaurant at Mount Juliet, The Lady Helen. This restaurant has been the recipient of three prestigious AA rosette awards, one of the most difficult awards to achieve in the restaurant industry.

Ken is the brains behind the award-winning culinary brilliance that is represented daily in his modern Irish and European menus. The restaurant is set in the Georgian house and is the perfect setting to experience his culinary genius.

Ken was awarded his first Michelin star at the Lady Helen in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength ensuring the consistent quality expected at Mount Juliet. He and his team have retained their Michelin Star, one of only eleven restaurants in Ireland to do so.

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All rights reserved

While he is now considered one of Ireland best chefs he didn’t start out with a love of cooking but acquired it after taking a kitchen porter job. Ken initially took the job as a kitchen hand to pay his way through his studies as an architect.

Originally from Sunderland in the north east of England so he went to Tyneside College to study architecture, fine art, graphic design, and maths. After witnessing the teamwork and skill that goes into running a kitchen he decided cooking was his true calling.

It is clear in his exquisitely designed meals that he incorporates his eye for design. Ken takes full advantage of the plentiful supply of homegrown ingredients from the vegetable and herb garden on the Mount Juliet estate. He also incorporates ingredients from the many artisan producers in the region.





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