We had the pleasure of sitting down with Ireland’s newest soul sensation  Jessie John Heffernan, to chat about his favourite restaurants, guilty pleasure meal, and what food he just cannot stomach! 

My first food memory?

Being in my granny Rosie’s house in Portobello in London and there being mountains of tradition Caribbean food, amazing prawns and stewed goat! I also remember eating coddle in Johnny Foxes that year!

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Best local area for restaurants?

Camden street has a fantastic range and all very well priced! Ranelagh has to get a shout out as does Exchequer street!

Most recent enjoyable dining experience?

Hang Dai lunch hands down! Very filling and affordable food, I couldn’t recommend it any more, much better then a bloody chicken fillet role!

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Most visited restaurant?

The Good World Chinese restaurant! My family and I have been going there since I was only a wee lad and the food never fails. I’m actually going for lunch there today with the old man as it happens!

Favourite celebrity chef?

Has to be Ramsey, he’s just so entertaining to watch on the belly box, but food wise I really like Jamie, his dishes are

so good and easy to cook, everyone should own one of his cookbooks™

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Favourite Food TV programme?

Master chef!Watch it with dinner most nights, again with the father figure.Very entertaining and the drama does have me nerves on end (so it does)!

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The restaurant I would recommend to a visitor to your home city/town?

I was recommending places to a beautiful Spanish girl I met recently hoping for a date and the first place that I thought of was Hang Dai cos it’s delish and my mate owns it so I would look really impressive and cool if we went there.

Restaurant/café hidden gem?

I would say Fallon and Byrne but it’s hardly hidden, although it most certainly is a fine gem. Again I’m completely biased as it’s owned by my Aunt and Uncle BUT the proof is no doubt in the pudding. Actually they do great pudding!

The food I dislike the most?

Brussel Sprouts UGH! Haha, no I actually love Brussel sprouts! I would say anything not cooked to an eatable standard is out!

Favourite for weekend brunch?

Baggot Hutton is a serious spot as is Deselbies!Both have great menues and wine lists, very important I find for a restaurant!

Favourite healthy meal?

Chicken Kiev with baked potato and broccoli.Unbeatable with some sweet corn and mayo in the spud!

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My guilty pleasure?

Duck on fade street. I’m addicted, it actually got out of hand for awhile and needed to see a shrink, but I’m OK now.

The meal I make to impress my friends?

Beef Wellington with cheesy gratin potatoes and all types of greens. I’m a real whizz in the kitchen some would say.

Favourite food brand?

Gotta be the Lloyd sauces, man knows his sauce!

If I owned a restaurant I would name it?

The Zeitgeist of Jesse John Heffernan and his Emporium of Culinary Ethnicity™


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